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Bend It Like Beckham By Narinder Dhami,

  • Title: Bend It Like Beckham
  • Author: Narinder Dhami
  • ISBN: 9780340860946
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jess just wants to play football, but her wedding obsessed parents have other ideas so she hides it from them But when Jess and her friend Jules join a ladies team and get spotted by a talent scout, it all kicks off
    Bend It Like Beckham Jess just wants to play football but her wedding obsessed parents have other ideas so she hides it from them But when Jess and her friend Jules join a ladies team and get spotted by a talent scout i

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    1. I chose this book after i watch the film I study the film Bend it like Beckham in school for English in 2010 and i enjoyed watching it I wanted to watch it again but i couldn t get the film out so i got the book instead.The story is about an Indian girl whose name is Jesminder She is nearly 16 years old and she loves playing football She fancies her idol David Beckham because nobody can cross or bend a ball like him She also falls in love with her coach Joe But because of her religion and the be [...]

    2. This is a book dedicated to the discussion on culture The two main characters in the book are soccer players, who are not supported by those around them other than each other One of the characters is going against her own culture, as it is not appropriate for a girl to be participating in the game of soccer and should be focused on her future as a wife and a law student As for the other character, her mother is discriminating against women athletes as she stereotypes them in a way that portrays [...]

    3. I ve never seen the Keira Knightley Parminder Nagra star making vehicle Bend It Like Beckham, but I remember how much hype and praise it got after its release several years ago Although I enjoy several forms of entertainment, I m a reader, first and foremost, so, when I saw the novelization of the movie at a yard sale, of course I picked it up I finally got around to reading it today, and ended up not being all that surprised when it turned out to be a dud The story itself wasn t half bad, and t [...]

    4. Saw this at the library and thought, why not Funny how I ve been reading SO many sports books lately I borrowed this at the same time as the next two Gracie Faltrain books soccer again , and I ve just finished reading the Rose series, where Rose wishes to play cricket and has to sneak around her parents in order to do so I ve seen the film and enjoyed it, and this was a very quick and fun read At times a bit too quick I d have liked a bit depth, but oh well Interestingly enough, it s a book bas [...]

    5. I enjoyed this book because i watched the movie first and really enjoyed that Something i learned from the book was that it is ok to be a different religion and still join or do things because as a christian I feel as though I am kept from things but this book shows that no matter who you are you can do anything only if u try I decided to read this book because my teacher gave us the choice of which book we wanted to do for our study book where we had to write an essay on and this book was one o [...]

    6. So very mediocre That s all I can say about it actually It s not good, but neither is it bad I only read it because it was an assignment in school Pretty much the average pre teen novel you can find on pretty much every shelve.Some aspects were of course quite good Like the social commentary on being a girl living in a traditional Indian household in England Her desire clashes with tradition and of course there is the token best friend and token maybe or maybe not boyfriend.It s a teen movie in [...]

    7. I did not actually read the book as I watched the movie but I hope the book was the sameI actually enjoyed this movie than I thought I would, At first I thought it would just be like a documentary or some unrealistic movie but it was actually really good and had its momentsSome things I did not like about the movie was the cringe, I felt lots of parts in the movie were supposed to be either dramatic,romantic or funny and just ended up being cringey to watchWhen the movie was being cringey I enj [...]

    8. wowww cthis book is amazing in other words absoloutely amazing is nt it soo sad when a person wants to become something they want to but their parents say no i find that sad well atleast she gets what she wants joe is alright you can tell he is flerting with jessminder thia is one of my favourite books i rate it 5 because its comedy and romance i like books that contain this genres is also fantasy her parents want her to be good intelligent indian girl they dont want her to run around the field [...]

    9. I love the film and I love the book It was exactly like the film, I am pretty sure the film was made first since Jess s scar was in it, that was put in the film because the actress had one The dialogue was exactly the same I did really enjoy it though I was saying all the lines in my heads in the actors voices and accents.The story line was good, it could have been deeper on cultural differences and given the story some depth but it was a good quick read that reminded me of my teenage years.I th [...]

    10. this book was great but i think i like the film betterbut anywayzit is about an indian girl who s family expect her to become a good house wife but instead she enjoys playing football and went on to persue her dreamsher parents are slightly racist because they would not let her go out with a white boy.but she has a firend who is white and bth of them get into a fight at football camp and are not friends any but at their match they become friends as when jess the indian girl crosses the ball her [...]

    11. Funny, easy to read and like a movie script, I could easily imagine her sari, wedding ceremony and even their house, as an eastern girl myself I could really imagine what she been through easily, since it is almost the dilemma that any eastern girl faces when she lives in an western country or even when she want to break some cultural taboos, all she was looking and asking for is to play football in a culture that thinks girls primary concern should be marriage and cooking,simplly she wanted BO [...]

    12. This book is very intersting and gives you information about the Hindu culture and what families do within that culture is about a girl who aspires to be a professional footballer but her families ideas say otherwisee is not opressed like strong strong religious families but you can empathise with what alot of girs go through where they have to follow their parents idealst a challenging read but worth reading

    13. This book was really good I loved the way that it talked about soccer in a way that made the book interesting I loved the storyline and the book was as good as the movie I also liked the way that the author has created charactors with unique personalities e.g Pinky who is quite spoilt and stuck up I would recommend this book to anyone aged 13 18 because it is an enjoyable The author shows that if you don t like a certain sport it doesn t mean that you can t enjoy a book about that sport.

    14. 1 Gurinder Chadha2 120 minutes3 football, girl, parents, London, game, family, uniform4 The scene which she fights against her mother about football.b I could not understand why she has to quiet football just because she is a girl.5 I have read this book but I read again because it was so interesting If I were the girl, I would continue playing football even my parents against it I want to watch the movie of it.

    15. This novel, aimed at teenagers, is based on the Gurinder Chada screenplay of the 2002 film It is what you d expect if you ve seen the film a fairly close interpretation and containing immortal lines like Lesbian Her birthday s in March I thought she was a Pisces She s not Lebanese, she s Punjabi Full review at stevek1889 2014

    16. mmmm if you have seen the movie don t waste your time on the book There is no extra insight or plot movement, and lets face it, this book is just a clever marketing ploy to target the female young adult market based on the success of the film I am not saying the story is bad, just, in this case, the movie is better.

    17. Book Movie rarely works Movie Book I would go so far to say NEVER works.This was enjoyable as a very basic girls pre teen novel, but even for that age bracket it was disappointing I wouldn t recommend this book to anyone over the age of 11, and certainly not to people who enjoyed the movie.

    18. Bend it like Beckham by Narinder Dhami The story was based in England and it is about a girl who goes behind her family s back to do what she loves and that is to play football I like this book because it is based on football and how it is full of romance, adventure and excitement.I would recommend it to anyone who likes a story about adventure and excitement and of course football.

    19. Very good story , although there are swear words in itMy favorite part is when Joe have visit Jess family and he fight for Jess playing football.I think they should not put swear words in it.

    20. Since I like the movie so much, I had high hopes for the book Unfortunately, the book left a lot to be desired It was clearly a YA book, and not very well written That said, I enjoyed it since it was very true to the movie.

    21. This is the book of the film and it races along at a fine lick Jess narrates the story of her struggle to be herself and still be a part of her Sikh family It s a good, quick read and the characters are lively and real as they are in the film.

    22. A very light, quick but none the less fun feel good read I dont know how many times ive seen the movie and i still love the story Anyone can cook aloo gobi, but who can bend a ball like Beckham Well, Jess can

    23. Yes, I read and own this book no judging allowed It s obviously not the greatest work of fiction, but I always have the scenes from Chadha s fantastic film playing in my head Which makes the experience bearable.

    24. An interesting accompaniment to the movie as it elaborates on some parts, adding depth and context than can be observed onscreen I just wish it had elaborated on the movie s ending, and perhaps continued from onwards from what we saw in the film.

    25. I ve read this book a couple of times and i really enjoyed it It shows you how different cultures treat women but without being boring I recomend it to anyone having to read a book from a different cultural perspective.

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