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Over A Hot Stove By Flo Wadlow Alan Childs,

  • Title: Over A Hot Stove
  • Author: Flo Wadlow Alan Childs
  • ISBN: 9781874739456
  • Page: 370
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. A cheerful and chirpy look at life below the scenes for a young cook named Flo Wadlow Starting in relatively minor places of employment, she was soon in charge of the kitchen at Blickling Hall, and made lasting memories there This account traces her jobs from beginning to end, with her never ending enthusiasm and passion for cooking never faltering.

    2. Very short, very sweet No dissing on the great and the good to be found here Wadlow is the essence of the family retainers of 19th and early 20th century fiction, though down in the kitchen she was too far from the action to live vicariously through her employers She also moved around too much, spending little than a year in most posts until she got married and in those days married women weren t expected to remain in service unless their husband was the butler or something A light, fast read I [...]

    3. I really enjoyed Mrs Wadlow s account of her life in domestic service in the late 20 s and 30 s As a fan of Downton Abbey these books hold a lot of appeal for me I am impressed by her congenial attitude and outlook on life She found enjoyment and positive opportunities in all of the grand houses that she worked in She also held a great deal of respect for those that came before her and the experience they could share with her She reminded me a lot of the character Daisy on Downton Abbey I laughe [...]

    4. I read this very fast and enjoyed it so much but toward the end I lost interest a little I was glad that Flo lived to be 100 She was a super tough lady She includes some receipts but like my grandmother she does not give all the measurements I am wondering what caster sugar might be Any idea

    5. This was an interesting little peep into a bygone era and especially poignant for me as my grandmother in her youth, was also in service for a few years, in a similar situation I never had an opportunity to ask her about it, so this memoir gave me an idea of what her experiences may have been.

    6. very interesting account of life in domestic service in the 1930s Flo Wadlow started as a kitchen maid and worked her way up to being a cook while still only in her early 20s, an unusually early age to achieve such an eminent position This is a short book, but full of interesting detail of domestic life in upper class households here for instance she says You always found in service, or nearly always, it wasn t the lady and gentlemen who caused any trouble there was it was the cook or the butler [...]

    7. This book is not a literary masterpiece rather it is a sweet collection of memories written somewhat in local dialect Flo Wadlow was a real person a sweet young woman who spent most of her life in servitude The book is a fast read with some unique tales not often found in other books It is simple but informative a portrait of an era long gone a fresh view devoid of bitterness of life spent below stairs Though Flo did not know who the composer Richard Strauss was at the time, she recalled falling [...]

    8. A short, light memoir of the career of Mrs Wadlow It appears to capture her personal voice well I was reminded that in the grander homes, the job of cooking for the staff was almost as large as preparing menus for the dining room Mrs Wadlow points out that the kitchen maids and housekeeping maids rarely worked together and a scullery maid might never see the grand upstairs area of the house A fun little read for a plane ride after watching Downton or similar videos.

    9. After reading Mollie Moran s book last year, I was keen to read her friend, Flo Wadlow s account I wasn t disappointed What another lovely lady, and what a hard working woman she was Such a different attitude to life back then She plays down her jobs at Hatfield and Blickling, but she was an important lady with a huge job I love the recipes at the back Tempted to try out the rainbow cake

    10. Interesting timesSometimes I think I was born in the wrong time period But when I read books like this I am glad I wasn t It certainly brings the trials of living then But with such heartfelt honestly and what a remarkable memory I wish I could have meet Flo It was a fun read and full of interesting tidbits.

    11. A Very Pleasant NarrativeFlo really spoke to the reader about a time when being in service was changing She seemed to be unflappable when it came to handling an unexpected situation.

    12. Easy reading Enjoyed reading it as it showed what life and work our previous generations had We have it easy by comparison.

    13. Fun, short read about working in big lovely houses between WWI ans WWII in England Downton Abbey for real.

    14. Flo Wadlow, a 100 year old lady of uncommon grace and good humor, devoting much of her life to the service of others, and nearly always over a hot stove What a lovely woman and a delightful story.

    15. Easy, quick read about Flo Waddow s time in service as a kitchen maid and cook as a young woman in the era predating Word War II.

    16. Worth reading I would have liked even detail about the day to day life but this was quite interesting Made me want to keep a tidier houseough I probably wont

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