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Miriam's Heart By EmmaMiller,

  • Title: Miriam's Heart
  • Author: EmmaMiller
  • ISBN: 9780373876686
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Paperback
  • Miriam Yoder always thought she d marry Charley Byler Steady, dependable Charley, who grew up on the neighboring farm, and has been sweet on her since they were young But then local veterinarian John Hartman catches Miriam s eye He s handsome, charming, cares for animalsand is not Plain While Miriam is known as the wild Yoder sister, she is still expected to marry aMiriam Yoder always thought she d marry Charley Byler Steady, dependable Charley, who grew up on the neighboring farm, and has been sweet on her since they were young But then local veterinarian John Hartman catches Miriam s eye He s handsome, charming, cares for animals and is not Plain While Miriam is known as the wild Yoder sister, she is still expected to marry a good Amish man But what if it s God s plan to match her with John Miriam must listen to her heart to truly know which man will claim her love and her future.
    Miriam s Heart Miriam Yoder always thought she d marry Charley Byler Steady dependable Charley who grew up on the neighboring farm and has been sweet on her since they were young But then local veterinarian John

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    1. I agree with another reviewer, this had a very abrupt ending That being said, it wasn t a bad read, just moved too quickly for me to savor it It reminded me of the old Sunfire romance novel line, just an Amish version of it Most of what I enjoy seeing in an Amish romance was missing here, and I couldn t really get a good connection to Miriam or her beaus It s of a 2.5 star read for me, but since I did enjoy it somewhat, I ve decided to round it up to a 3 star read.

    2. Miriam was the daughter who loved the animals, not work in the tradional way in the home She has been best friends with Charley since they were children, but should she continue with that path or explore the possibilities with John, a handsome Minnonite vet How strong is her Amish ties 216 pages

    3. Miriam is a free spirit who prefers outside jobs around the Yoder farm She is interested in two beaus and the story was a good one to make you turn the pages to see who she will choose I recommend as a good read.

    4. An Mennonite or an Amish guy that she grew up with as best friendsat is the question Miriam is torn between the veterinarian who is Mennonite but willing to become Amish in order to marry Miriam and an Amish guy that is not willing to give up his Amish ways in order to marry her A great book with a great story of why you make the choices that you make.

    5. I ve read enough Amish romances by now to realize that they re typically pretty formulaic and this one was really no exception Still it was a sweet, lighthearted story that was a nice quick read over the holiday I m curious enough about the world the author created and the characters to look for the other books in the series.

    6. Emma Miller s Hannah s Daughters series is probably one of the strongest ones I ve come across from the Love Inspired line Although the Amish community is a bit stricter than I d usually enjoy reading about no unchaperoned courting or rumspringe, etc I love reading about Hannah s family and being immersed in their daily life I ve actually read the books that follow on from this one about Anna and Leah so Miriam s final decision in this book wasn t such a surprise for me, since I could remember w [...]

    7. I m normally not too thrilled with the Love Inspired series They re somewhat preachy and a little sappy But I do have to say that I liked this one Maybe because I considered it of an Amish romance, which is a genre I do enjoy.Miriam has been running the farm since her dad died She has plenty of sisters, but in the Amish world, the women mainly do the indoor chores while the fields and barns are left to the men But she feels at home there Luckily she s pretty enough that she catches the attenti [...]

    8. This story is one of my favorites, although it doesn t lead the way I wanted it to I wanted Miriam to not be so attracted to John, who is a Mennonite I have to admit, I was holding my breath, waiting to see who was going to win Miriam s heart I like how Emma thinks outside the box and sees Miriam as a tomboy, preferring to work outside in the fields, instead of the norm which is what we think of as women s work.The synopsis says Miriam always intended to marry Charley, but that isn t the way it [...]

    9. I enjoyed reading this book for many reason As I read I could picture in my mind what was going on how the people felt in the story I was surprised on how the story ended Miriam heart was a great title for this story She had to listen very closely to what God was telling her what was truly in her heart Charley Byler a dependable Amish John Hartman a Mennonite who was the veterinarian Miriam Yoder had feelings for both of them She had to decide with carefully thinking about who she wanted to spen [...]

    10. This is a book about how we can drift into relationships with someone we knew from childhood and know that they are the person for you until another person with a different personality comes into the picture and is all the things the other person wasn t This is Miriam with Charlie who has been there forever and how this changed when she met John who was not Amish although he knew of the religion because he was a Mennonite which by the way was the religious order her Mom was before marrying Miram [...]

    11. This is the second book in the Hannah s Daughters series, telling the story of Miriam, one of 6 daughters in an Amish family.For years she always thought she d marry Charley Byler, a steady, dependable man who grew up on a neighboring farm, who was also a life long friend But then local veterinarian John Hartman catches her eye He s handsome and charming, and loves animals as much as Miriam does, but he is Mennonite, not Amish Miriam has a reputation as the wild Yoder sister, but she is still ex [...]

    12. I read this on the KindleThis is the 2nd in a series of 8 books which is about Hannah s daughters but there is twists in that title from the books i seen in this seriesMiriam has a choice to make as you read the story of whether she goes for Charley or John i know who i was rooting for i will say she does go with which one i hoped for but that saidThe ending was very good on how she made her choiceIn this she is really courting or getting to know both men each knows this so nothing is behind any [...]

    13. This is the first time I have read books by this author I was intrigued because all of Miller s books take place near Dover, Delaware I have read many Amish genre but this was very refreshing.Miriam is Hannah Yoder s wild daughter She is spirited and has been handling the farm since the death of herfather She develops an interest in a Mennonite Vet, John Hartman Now she is wondering if she could leave the Amish faith Charley, who is Amish, wants to marry Miriam but Miriam has only considered him [...]

    14. Just as great as the first in the series Courting Ruth I enjoyed this one as well Miriam is the wild child of widow Hannah Yoder Well, she s wild for an Amish girl anyway She would much rather be outside doing the chores than inside cooking and cleaning The local veterinarian is a young, good looking Mennonite man who shares her love of animals She forms a friendship with him that is frowned upon by the Amish community because she is of marrying age Then there s her friend Charley He s always be [...]

    15. This is the second book about Hannah s Daughters I haven t read the first book but I was still able to follow the book without having read book one I love Miriam, I love how she is different, she wants to work outside and with animals It is interesting seeing how Miriam is attracted to John who is not Amish and also Charley who she sees as a friend Watching the way the family interact was fun too especially their younger sister who has down syndrome She has a habit of saying what is happening wh [...]

    16. Well obviously I am completely engaged with this series.After just finishing, book 2, Courting Ruth, I immediately moved on to book 3, Miriam s Heart I just need to know what happens with each one of the seven sisters and Emma Miller knows how to real me in.I really liked Miriam s Heart a lot Normally triangles are not my thing, but the triangle of Miriam, John, and Charley just made sense in that it gave you a sense of a true life s decision A decision that would be final.This series is so enga [...]

    17. Miriam had a special way with animals After her father died she worked on the outside on the farmtaking care of everything her father would have She had help from her sisters and her adopted brother Irwin She has a best friend Charley, they grew up together and he is in love with her John is the Vet whom she is drawn to because of her love for animals He falls in love with her too She loves both of them and can t decide which one to marry It is also a conflict for her to choose between the Amish [...]

    18. I thoroughly enjoyed this book I normally don t read series out of sequence but this book can and does stand on it s own Miriam is beautifully strong yet Amish, she knows that she has to wait on God to help her make the best choice and in the end she does The character of Wilmer made me realize that even among the Amish there are abusers I had never considered that before, although it is not the typical picture of the Amish I really hope that there will be a follow up on that story line Thank yo [...]

    19. i really liked this book it is book two in the series Miriam she amish and has a passion for animals she rather be out in the barn instead of kitchen She has and interrest in this minnanite vet He has and interrest in Miriam also Then there is her long time friend that has liked her since grade school Miriam is so confused she likes them both who will she pickis book was a page turner it keep going back and forth between the to boys i did not know till the very end really enjoyed it.

    20. A life decision made right I chose this rating because of its interesting and moving situations I was always expecting something else to take place but was surprised Miriam put herself in such situations, that were unnecessary if she would have thought and prayed before hand The characters in these books are so real I just love to read each and everyone I recommend Emily Miller s books to everyone Great reads

    21. I enjoyed this read, it was an easy one and I read it in one night While I liked the story and characters and even the fact that she chose her husband because of how strong his faith was, it wasn t too different from other Amish books I have read Maybe if I read the other books about the different daughters I will see if a little differently and change my rating 3 is good for me, 4 very good, and 5 spectacular.

    22. Miriam is a young Amish woman with a choice court and marry Charley who she grew up with and everyone excepts her to marry, or court and marry John, a Mennonite vet who she s attracted to The plot has been done, but what I liked in this case was that until Miriam announced her decision, I had no idea who she was going to pick It wasn t obvious at all.

    23. Just what you d expect from a christian fiction paperback safe and predictable Astute readers will no doubt have the story figured out looking at the title The book did offer an interesting look into a different way of life.

    24. Another winner for Emma Miller A great followup to the 1st book in the Hannah s Daughter s Series This one is about Miriam and her two suitors Recommend it to anyone who likes Amish Romance novels with happy endings Well written and the characters are very believable.

    25. Wonderful I read this in one evening I couldn t decide which of the two young men Miriam would be happiest with Again, I loved the Yoder family and fell in love with their lifestyle.

    26. I absolutely loved this wonderful love story I can not wait to start the third book I plan to read this series straight through Thank you Emma Miller.

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