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School of the Arts By Mark Doty,

  • Title: School of the Arts
  • Author: Mark Doty
  • ISBN: 9780060752460
  • Page: 156
  • Format: Paperback
  • With School of the Arts, Mark Doty s darkly graceful seventh collection, the poet reinvents his own voice at midlife, finding his way through a troubled passage At once witty and disconsolate formally inventive, acutely attentive, insistently alive this is a book of fierce vulnerability that explores the ways in which we are educated by the implacable powers of timeWith School of the Arts, Mark Doty s darkly graceful seventh collection, the poet reinvents his own voice at midlife, finding his way through a troubled passage At once witty and disconsolate formally inventive, acutely attentive, insistently alive this is a book of fierce vulnerability that explores the ways in which we are educated by the implacable powers of time and desire in a world that constantly renews itself.
    School of the Arts With School of the Arts Mark Doty s darkly graceful seventh collection the poet reinvents his own voice at midlife finding his way through a troubled passage At once witty and disconsolate formally

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    1. This was an up and down reading experience that ultimately came out on the high side There is simply here that catches me than not Some of the poems are full of loss of people, places, of his beloved dogs But they are also full of appreciation, of love, of wonder and wonderment, of guessing about what this world and life are about From Heaven For Paul At this point it seemed plain if God intervenes in history, it s either to torment us or to make us laugh, or both, which is how we faced the imm [...]

    2. Incorporated into a radiant vitality without ceasing You want than that Of course you do you want the steady mosquito drone to go on and on, ceaselessly,you want to be the one who gets to do the perceivingforever, of course you do.Earlier this year I read Mark Doty s Sweet Machine, a collection of poems about rising from the ashes, moving beyond devastation and grief and learning to live again School of the Arts, published about 10 years later, seems to take death rather than life as its focus, [...]

    3. Mark Doty wrote a memoir Dog Years A Memoir some years ago that I found so moving His use of language is impressive His connection to his animals admirable.This collection of poems has several that pay homage to past dogs and friends that have died Letter to God is a favorite This is really a clever explanation for how dogs greet one another.There are some beautiful lines contained within the poems Some poems are a bit abstract, but when Doty sticks to the concrete and corporeal the poems are s [...]

    4. I don t know what happened, but I had to force myself to finish this one And as I remember, I started it a number of times, though I am an avid Doty fan Here, his obsession with time and what is passing and what is lost is fully out in the open, even stated When I say I hate time , which has helped me think about all the rest of his work since I, of course, have read all of it I have a vague sense that as I moved through the collection, it went from having that exactness of description coupled w [...]

    5. First, let me acknowledge my inherent bias I find Mark Doty s work to be superb, I ve met him and he s a very nice guy, and the content of his poetry usually appeals to me inherently.That said, this was an overall good collection of poems though certainly not his best.I found Notebook Lucian Freud On the Veil to be an excellent poem that invited a dark intimacy It was chilling, but touching It also contains one of the stanzas that really stood out to me in this book Do these paintings of dying w [...]

    6. I m a fan of Mr Doty and have seen him read and thoughtfully and respectfully respond to questions from his audience with insight and warmth Yet this, his most recent collection but one, was mildly disappointing Not sure if it was one too many poems about his dogs or that there is too much on the surface of feeling, observational poems that impress but don t move I liked Heaven for Stanley, Notebook To Lucian Freud On the Veil, In the Same Space, Late Flight, Meditation The Night of Time, and th [...]

    7. Another gem from Mark Doty, this time quietly balancing the melancholy and terror of time passing with the gentleness of beauty there s also plenty of tender, poignant writing about aging dogs My personal favourites in this collection were Ultrasound , Notebook To Lucien Freud On the Wall skin perpetually lit from within as if by its own failure and Flesh fails and failure is visited upon it , Oncoming Train which has long been a favourite, ever since I had just heard of Doty and was flicking th [...]

    8. Is it possible for poems to be too polished I suppose not, and yet that s the taste left in my mouth from this collection There is nothing parochial about Doty s modernist School of the Arts his world weary skepticism is responsible, rich, and self conscious, if not always provocative This aloof posture, however, feels like yesterday s poetry for tomorrow and lacks the frisson of vulnerability that I associate with the best contemporary poetry I have lately read So, sorry, Mark Doty these poems [...]

    9. I especially enjoyed the heaven for series, in which Doty describes what a specific person might define heaven as, moving through a few people, and even dogs, he knows well Doty has a away of looking intensely at an object, describing it thoroughly and freshly and in such a way that you don t realize until the poem is almost over that he is also talking about human experience Had to skip over the one very long sex poem in the middle MY favorite poem of his remains A Display of Mackerel, which is [...]

    10. I thought this was one of Doty s strongest books I can understand the comments about all the dog poems, some of which detracted from the volume, but I think this is a strong offering from Doty in that he really lets some of his complex ideas breathe in some longer poems, and he doesn t confine himself to his typical describe the hell out of everything mentality I think his use of description was exacting in this book, as was his use of narrative.

    11. The poems inspired by other art, writing, artists, and writers complete with notes in the back summarize a variety of creative processes and inspiration in different kinds of poems, most of which stun in the good way Throughout are some seemingly out of place poems about dogs Overall, a lovely collection.Favorite pieces Heaven For Helen, The Hours, Notebook to Lucian, Late Flight, and Fire To Fire.

    12. Not everything about Doty s poetic style is to my liking, but there is a palpable atmosphere he really weaves his images masterfully An excerpt from his theories of beauty section of a larger poem 1 Hook that pulls us out of time 2 or a lure to catch us in it What great phrases I would have been happier not to have read the very specific sexual poetry he included in this collection otherwise, there were some magical moments.

    13. Mark Doty is a talented poet, able of creating vivid scenes in his reader s mind His poetry is peculiar in structure, but this only adds to the palpability of the poetry The poems themselves are artworks However, I don t think that his poetry will be appreciated enjoyed by everyone as he describes and discusses very controversial topics though his poetry

    14. Art s all bad, isn t it what doesn t fail And thus there s something noble about the crap, too,the hopeful and misguided as mush a partof this town s soul as any achievement is We liveby our intentions, after all.

    15. A shame, because I like My Alexandria The poems here are whiny, insincere, upsetting Dogs and posters cry in these poems It s that bad.

    16. I m so taken with Mark Doty I marvel at how he can take his everyday experiences and mine them for such gold Great stuff about dogs broke my heart And understanding the difference between lyric and narrative brilliant Thanks for the tip, Nan.

    17. The title poem went on for ten pages, about ten pages too long That was about the final nail in the coffin on how I felt about this book of poems.

    18. I liked this collection of poems This is my first delve into Doty s work, but I look forward to His poems are gritty, tough little New York vignettes.

    19. Beautiful poems, but a little abstract for me Poems of Mark Doty s I ve read elsewhere have moved me I ll still look for work of his, though.

    20. I loved Dog Years , but I had to struggle to get through this book of poems Disappointing to say the least.

    21. Believe me,a dog s gaze opens, like ours,when the world s an invitation it was a summons, the smell of that soup,and every reason to continue in this life.

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