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Miss Manners' Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior By Judith Martin Gloria Kamen,

  • Title: Miss Manners' Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior
  • Author: Judith Martin Gloria Kamen
  • ISBN: 9780393058741
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Your neighbor denounces cellular telephones as instruments of the devil Your niece swears that no one expects thank you letters any Your father in law insists that married women have to take their husbands names Your guests plead that asking them to commit themselves to attending your party ruins the spontaneity Who is right Miss Manners, of course With all thosYour neighbor denounces cellular telephones as instruments of the devil Your niece swears that no one expects thank you letters any Your father in law insists that married women have to take their husbands names Your guests plead that asking them to commit themselves to attending your party ruins the spontaneity Who is right Miss Manners, of course With all those amateurs issuing unauthorized etiquette pronouncements, aren t you glad that there is a gold standard to consult about what has really changed and what has not The freshly updated version of the classic bestseller includes the latest letters, essays, and illustrations, along with the laugh out loud wisdom of Miss Manners as she meets the new millennium of American misbehavior head on This wickedly witty guide rules on the challenges brought about by our ever evolving society, once again proving that etiquette, far from being an optional extra, is the essential currency of a civilized world.
    Miss Manners Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior Your neighbor denounces cellular telephones as instruments of the devil Your niece swears that no one expects thank you letters any Your father in law insists that married women have to take their hus

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    1. My mom consulted this book for practically everything when I was growing up It s about being considerate of others than stuffiness for the sake of stuffiness.Anyway, I remembered this book because I ve recently offended a Japanese friendly acquaintance by declining to eat his sushi I m vegetarian It made dining at other s houses difficult when growing up I d be torn between being rude and not eating food that would make me sick I d like to consult this book again for dealing with those situatio [...]

    2. I picked this up not thinking I d be interested enough to read all of it, but 826 pages later, I m still wanting Miss Manners is not just an expert on etiquitte, she is a witty social thinker She also is not an Amy Vanderbilt sort of etiquitte writer She explains the reasons behind the need for etiquitte, as opposed to just a seriously boring laundry list of dos and don ts And she s not afraid to be a little irreverent about it all at the same time An absolute must read.Here s a quote I enjoyed [...]

    3. This book is not simply about which fork to use Nor is it just the definitive guide to manners and etiquette, though that it is Taken as a whole, Judith Martin s writings as Miss Manners add up to nothing less than a philosophical treatise She answers the main questions of philosophy How shall we live What kind of people do we want to be Her accumulated answers to day to day problems all of us face persuasively answer those questions In a nutshell, and without ever stating it explicitly, she is [...]

    4. Everyone I know is surprised when they first find out I m a fan of Miss Manners.I don t like Miss Manners s style, necessarily She s too formal for my taste and persnickety when it comes to grammar As a result, she s not easy to read and I often have to reread passages in order to understand the point she s trying to make.But it s the points she makes that make me a fan She s not a snob And she doesn t suggest any of us be a pushover in our attempt to be polite She simply teaches us how to apply [...]

    5. A little too strict for me, and only covered, in all those pages, manners Well, yes, but manners are, after all, rather superficial Many of us need much better advice on a daily basis with significant issues The question is not whether or not to smile at the woman your ex husband married at your daughter s wedding, but whether or not to smile every day at your co worker who is having an affair with the boss s daughter, as I see it.Then again, I was raised with a basic understanding of etiquette [...]

    6. Judith Martin has impeccable wit In answer to the question, Isn t etiquette always a matter of making other people feel comfortable she answers This would make politeness an activity exclusively for suckers and wimps And, of course, sluts I will never wear white gloves or leave my calling card, but I enjoyed reading this book and I burst out laughing several times A few excerpts Dear Miss Manners Usually, lots of men I pass by on the street say hi to me I assume it s flirting Most of the time I [...]

    7. Thank you, Judith Martin Miss Manners Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior has been such an important book in my life I still have my original copy purchased before I left high school as an investment in my future I have to attribute some of my social and business successes to this book.Since I am an anti social person I limit my social intercourse to 3 levels 1 Work I m in sales tact and diplomacy are 2 important tools in every salespersons bag of sales techniques, right up there with prese [...]

    8. It feels as though I have been browsing this book for decades, and the publication date of 1983 suggests that feeling is correct Miss Manners is not quite correct about everything some of what is taken as chilly politeness from an attractive woman might risk a punch in the nose for an ordinary male but she has a good ear for a situation and can often make an immensely sensible suggestion What is a mother do about her son s new bride who never thanks her for a gift Here is Miss Manners suggestion [...]

    9. On eating pineapple Informal Same as formal It is a mistake to hold an unpeeled pineapple in the hand and bite into it Formal Quarter, cut from peel, slice and eat with fork Wonder why hosts didn t perform this in pantry p 190 On eating peas Peas are unique in that they are the only vegetable with a herd instinct Thus it is easily possible to catch them when armed only with a fork if they are crowded together and feeling safe but impossible by conventional means to catch one or two that have str [...]

    10. One of the greatest compilations of modern wisdom ever created Judith Martin has a way of looking at the world that is simultaneously sassy and kind hearted, merciless and unendingly considerate and compassionate While reading this volume cover to cover was a joy for its 800 some odd pages of sparkling prose, I still find myself coming back to it again and again whenever I wonder how to go about some life event that is new or challenging to me I m so grateful to have Miss Manners in my life, and [...]

    11. A very thorough resource on good manners, useful for all major rites of passage birth, marriage and death , as well as letters, forms of address and managing unruly children Sadly a little dated now.

    12. I loved Miss Manners when I was in high school and college I had to read her in the newspaper Read this book Actually, I think I was often reading etiquette books because well, I don t know why Manners fascinated me I don t even think I have the best of manners but it s my own fault I ve been well educated with Emily Post, Amy Vanderbilt, and Judith Martin Though I was a bit disturbed by Amy Vanderbilt s fall out the window Enjoyed this book, good entertainment for a young woman If I re read it, [...]

    13. Judith Martin doesn t just write about manners, she is a philosopher and social commentator Under her tutelage, one can learn a wealth of history I find myself laughing frequently because she has a very sharp wit Miss Manners has the wisdom to be flexible and foresee where custom has or will need to change with changing lifestyles However, she is very staunch in defending and preserving those rules that continue to serve Americans well.

    14. This was way too entertaining I m a sucker for etiquette and this was just plain hilarious at times The big downside is the fact that I m now feeling the desperate need to order monogram embossed writing paper

    15. I m not sure why etiquette is so fascinating to me, but I really enjoyed this book Miss Manners wit makes even the dull topics fun to read I doubt that I would buy this for my bookshelf at home, but I bet I ll check it out from the library again.

    16. Some people read etiquette for advise I probably did at first, or maybe just because I d read anything Now I read etiquette for the humor and the human insight And for the humor, Miss Manners is the top.

    17. Despite her name and her image, she ain t a prude Plus she s a prose genius And I know lots of prudes and pushy arseholes who could use a heavy dose of her advice Essential reading.

    18. Oh, I absolutely adored this book How sassy Miss Manners was in responding to questions at the beginning, everything was so eloquently written out It was really just such a wonder to read How she wrote the book was very fluid, providing interesting information to the reader as the book goes on and entertaining to me until the very end I would most certainly read it again if given the opportunity to and I would most certainly recommend this book to anyone else I know who could be interested.

    19. Lovely, wise, funnyI wish time had been spent in elementary school teaching manners We might right now have a civil society and a peaceful world Loved this book Eleanor Roosevelt said of the exhortation to love thy neighbor that a little less love and lot politeness would accomplish And i think she was right

    20. In my opinion, this book should be consulted when facing the given social situation as it offers sound advice that seems still relevant in modern times on how to behave It s written in a witty sometimes scathing way.

    21. I always enjoyed Judith Martin s column in the newspaper, and this book was just the ticket to read on a rainy afternoon I recommend this book for anyone who wants to improve themselves in social settings.

    22. This is not so much a guide, but a book of letters to an advice columnist Some of the answers provided are so short and or jokey that they are of little to no help Then there are the answers that are just plain rude, such as blaming a young girl when she confided in a friend only to find that the friend had spread her secret.

    23. Hmmm I like the idea of this book, but I found the writing to be awkward so much so that I didn t enjoy reading this book.

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