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The Witches By PeterCurtis,

  • Title: The Witches
  • Author: PeterCurtis
  • ISBN: 9780099553847
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Paperback
  • Walwyk seemed a dream village to the new schoolteacher, Miss Mayfield But dreams can change into nightmaresWhen one of her students accuses his friend Ethel s grandmother of abusing her, Miss Mayfield cannot let it go But Ethel won t say anything, despite the evidence of Miss Mayfield s own eyes But as she attempts to get to the truth of the matter, she stumbles on sWalwyk seemed a dream village to the new schoolteacher, Miss Mayfield But dreams can change into nightmaresWhen one of her students accuses his friend Ethel s grandmother of abusing her, Miss Mayfield cannot let it go But Ethel won t say anything, despite the evidence of Miss Mayfield s own eyes But as she attempts to get to the truth of the matter, she stumbles on something far sinister Walwyk seems to be in the grip of a centuries old evil, and anybody who questions events in the village does not last long.Death stalks than one victim, and Miss Mayfield begins to realise that if she s not careful, she will be the next to die
    The Witches Walwyk seemed a dream village to the new schoolteacher Miss Mayfield But dreams can change into nightmaresWhen one of her students accuses his friend Ethel s grandmother of abusing her Miss Mayfield

    One thought on “The Witches”

    1. In a word boring I don t mean it s boring because it s not explicit it s an older book from the Mary Stewart era, so I d expect less detail in terms of the coven their antics That s perfectly fine No, I mean it s BORING The prose is bland tepid, the heroine is bland tepid I wanted to scream every time she started banging on about her beloved bff Rose , the story is bland tepid s just bland tepid overall In terms of plot, this is no different from an episode of Midsummer Murders in fact, similar [...]

    2. I love all Norah Lofts, though I prefer her rural sagas and historicals to her supernaturals as Peter Curtis.Little Wax Doll is still vintage Lofts however, beautifully characterised and visualised Her descriptions of English Suffolk East Anglian countryside are second to none perhaps even better than HE Bates because less prolix And she manages to make it all sound so reasonable ,so that you find yourself, no matter what your personal stance on it, actually imagining that the Satanic doings and [...]

    3. I found this book highly disappointing i kept waiting for it to be eerie and horrific as stated on the front but nothing happened For me the title should read boring old lady pokes her nose into other peoples business Every page turn was a let down, sorry author

    4. Full review can be found here.The first thing I have to say is that at no point did I really feel any tension Even at the end of the book when the climax was in full swing it was never particularly suspenseful A lot of the time the narrative was just meandering about, hinting at various things but never getting to the point where I really wanted to know about them Indeed, after Miss Mayfield s inevitable accident , I was ready to tear my hair out as it just completely stopped the story when it [...]

    5. Do not be fooled by the cover, this is no modern take on witchesThis is set in 1959, written in 1960 It was interesting seeing the past and past views and behaviour, and the story may have been surprising in the past, but thanks to the swinger movement and orge parties and the rise of porn and news of human trafficking which is far, far worse than this story , this is not as shocking as it could be for the modern person, or at least not to me I m sure people of the past may have fainted from thi [...]

    6. Well, rather disappointed with this book I found it at the library and on the back cover it says suspense,horror, and a few deaths This book does not match that description I dont usually read any type of horror and when I realized I d picked up a hammer horror I thought twice,but love the subject of witches so gave it a chance I spent the entire book waiting for a plot to appear The end was also very weak,no real mention of the witches and what they were up too Everything concluded in about 7 p [...]

    7. This is Norah Lofts writing as Peter Curtis which she sometimes did when writing contemporary thrillers instead of historical The edition I read was called The Witches because it tied in with the 1966 Hammer horror film based on the book, but it was also published as The Little Wax Doll and Catch As Catch Can.It is tremendously creepy Curtis Lofts plays her isolated Essex village setting to the full The storytelling is great it picks up speed towards a very tense ending where you genuinely don t [...]

    8. This review is from The Devils Own Paperback This one has it all middle aged spinster with no family, secluded English village with mysterious goings on and eccentric inhabitants, children in peril, devil worshippers If you enjoy a well written suspense horror heavy on the suspense and implied horror, or are a fan of the old Hammer horror movies of the sixties, this is the book for you Written by Norah Lofts under her suspense nom de plume of Peter Curtis, and also published as The Witches and L [...]

    9. Found this in a random library browse an older binding and not obviously a present day schlock novel which is what most of the books in the fiction section are It s a well written, compelling tale of witchcraft in 1959 rural England The characterization of the protagonist, a seemingly stereotypical old maid teacher recently returned from twenty years in Africa, is well handled She s often just what one would expect, but also often individual, and her bravery and resourcefulness become increasing [...]

    10. You know what they say about things being too good When Canon Thorby offers Deborah Mayfield a position as headmistress at a prestigious London school, a little cottage and a cat, she can hardly believe her good fortune After twenty years as an African missionary and several years at a poor public London school, Miss Mayfield had really found her niche or had she I really enjoyed this story Everything appears perfect but you get the feeling that sinister things could or will happen I give it an [...]

    11. I was reading this book on the subway and suddenly the cover fell down on the floor I quit reading immediately before the book started to disintegrated like on that scene from George Pal s The Time Machine.

    12. Reviewed for bookchickcityTHE WITCHES is a horror novel that was originally published in 1960 and tells the story of a school mistress Miss Mayfield who goes to teach in a small town in Kent, where things are not quite as they seem The story is written by Peter Curtis, who isn t fact a man, but a pseudonym for Norah Lofts.The 1960s setting gives the book a slightly old fashioned, if not historical feel But actually suits the tone of the story and mystery perfectly There were a few points that ma [...]

    13. Science has not yet disproved the existence of evil Norah Lofts is best known for her historical and period romances, but she wrote several books with paranormal themes My well worn paperback of this one carries the title THE DEVIL S OWN and was published under the pseudonym Peter Curtis Like the Kindle edition, it has a picture of a lovely young woman on the front.But Lofts was gutsy and she frequently wrote books in which the heroine ISN T young and lovely Miss Deborah Mayfield is a middle age [...]

    14. This novel is one of those books that will leave you with goosebumps, from the sheer power that the story conveys and projects to the reader For those who enjoy horror novels then one cannot find anything better than Hammer that is based on and reflects the Hammer films this particular book being a representation of the film the witches This story was eerie, horrifically brilliant and a tale that was utterly realistic and authentic as the characters were brought vividly to life in the readers mi [...]

    15. I m a big fan of Norah Lofts, and picked this up eons ago it was written eons before that, in 1960, and it shows The rather lurid cover features a tall person wearing a strange headdress, a stained glass window, a naked blonde partially covered by a red robe, and also bears the legend A Novel of Modern Witchcraft After a fairly slow beginning laden with description and backstory but we know things won t stay idyllic because of the cover , it becomes a real page turner.Miss Deborah Mayfield, the [...]

    16. Another trip down why am I reading pulp fiction laneI gave two stars, because it was not as painfully bad as the Invisible Library That is one thing, that I can guarantee you, whoever designed that bloody cover, did not read the book But I kind of got used to that, once I saw a book about a Prussian bride and the book cover was a Japanese man in a gothic lolita dress So yeah, whatever There is a special place in hell for modern book designers.Back to the book The story is soooooo basic and borin [...]

    17. THE LITTLE WAX DOLL subtitled a tale of modern witchcraft was originally published in 1960 as THE DEVIL S OWN by Peter Curtis, a pseudonym used by author Norah Lofts, who was best known for her historical novels It was also issued in the late 1960s as THE WITCHES to tie in with the 1967 Hammer Films movie, which starred Oscar winner Joan Fontaine in her last theatrical film.The book was reissued in 1970 under the title THE LITTLE WAX DOLL, at last appearing under Lofts s name The reissued was un [...]

    18. A novelisation of a Hammer horror film directed by Cyril Frankel, who provides an introduction A creepy tale of a strange Essex village and a young schoolteacher, Miss Mayfield, who finds out that everyhting isn t quite what it seems Reminiscent of the classic Wickerman but not as powerful.

    19. It is story of witch craft in England it is Based on a classic Hammer Horror movie and directed by Cyril Frankel I am putting it on my to read list.

    20. A little bit dated Peter Curtisis was the pseudonym of Norah Lofts and she wrote this in 1960 Easy to read, but nothing that blew me away.

    21. Written in 1960 by historical novelist Norah Lofts, the basis for the 1966 Hammer film The Witches Totally enjoyed it.

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