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Winnie's Midnight Dragon By Valerie Thomas Korky Paul,

  • Title: Winnie's Midnight Dragon
  • Author: Valerie Thomas Korky Paul
  • ISBN: 9780192791016
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s just after midnight Winnie has a baby dragon who just wants to play, whereas she just wants to sleep Winnie decides she s had enough of babysitting a dragon and goes onto the roof to look for his mother But how will she catch the attention of a mother dragon flying past
    Winnie s Midnight Dragon It s just after midnight Winnie has a baby dragon who just wants to play whereas she just wants to sleep Winnie decides she s had enough of babysitting a dragon and goes onto the roof to look for his

    One thought on “Winnie's Midnight Dragon”

    1. The story is kind of flimsy, but the illustrations are awesome especially the amusing and witty small details of the graphics that always give you something new to discover.

    2. I just adore these Winnie the witch and Wilbur her cat stories This is the third one I ve read and unfortunately may be the last the rest of the picture book series is hard to find This is another charming Winner Wilbur book I enjoy both characters The story of a baby dragon finding its way into Winnie Wilbur s house at night, but lost from its mother is cute and amusing, though a bit thin I love Winnie s solutions to problems though What to do about the smoke flames coming out of the dragon s m [...]

    3. Another zany adventure featuring charming Winnie and her adorable black cat This time, they must try to return a lost dragon to its mother and try to keep it from playfully wreaking havoc in the meantime I wavered between three and four stars on this one It didn t WOW me like the first Winnie story did I guess I just wasn t that captivated by the storyline but the characters are still fun, the baby dragon is adorable, and this is a nice read for those of us who like our Halloween y books on the [...]

    4. OMG I loved the illustrations The style fit perfectly with the witchy theme A witch and her cat go to sleep when a baby dragon finds its way to her house She tries to keep him amused by making butterflies come out of his nose but he causes chaos in the house so they go out and find the dragon s mama Once they do the witch takes her cat back home and they go back to sleep.

    5. Hennie de Heks en haar kat Helmer liggen lekker te slapen Alles is heerlijk rustig maar daar komt snel een eind aan Algauw is haar huis gevuld met het lawaai van omvallende harnassen en vallen schalen, met rookwolken en zwermen vlinders En dat allemaal dankzij een onverwachte, geschubde gast.Lees de rest van mijn recensie op Ikvindlezenleuk

    6. I read this book as a fan of Korky Paul s illustrations I love the Winnie series and the delightful character of Winnie the witch and her pet cat There are lots of rich details in the illustrations and the house she lives in is quite fun and imaginative I like the old time old school technology feel of her stately manner that is quite witch like In this book her cat has a humorous central role Lots of fun to read

    7. My mum bought me the full set of Winnie the Witch books for Halloween one year, as I loved them so much It s great that I can read them by myself now, but I used to love having them read to me, over and over again, when I was three so my mum says, I can t really remember.Beautiful illustrations The storylines were suited to me when I was much younger, but as a 7 year old, I find them good for an nice easy read

    8. I bought this story to read to my first grde placement and they thought that it was super funny A witch gets a vist from a dragon in the middle of the night The dragon causes so much damage to her house that she decides to get rid of it I would recommend using this book just for fun or in the safe place.

    9. Winnie has another adventure this time she is dealing with a naughty baby dragon that has got in through Wilbur s cat flap This is a good one to read out loud the story isn t groundbreaking, but there are lots of opportunities for children to join in with wand waving etc also I had a good discussion after reading this about different animals and fantasy creatures with the children.

    10. Silly story The illustrations are interesting with black and white and minimal color that highlights action and tidbits you may not have noticed One page spread is turned long which makes it hard to read aloud share.

    11. Again,this book was a bed time story for someone.Winnie finds a dragon much to her cats disgust e pictures are very good in this one, too.

    12. I have always loved these books when I was little my brother loved it if you like books with a little problem then this is a book for you

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