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Wrapped Up in You By Carole Matthews,

  • Title: Wrapped Up in You
  • Author: Carole Matthews
  • ISBN: 9780751545098
  • Page: 326
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Christmas fling, or has Janie found the real thing Thirty something hairdresser Janie Johnson s single status is a constant source of gossip for her friends and clients So after too many nights in with her cat, a blind date disaster and news that her ex is getting married, Janie realises it s time to do something dramatic with her life It s time for an adventure LeavinA Christmas fling, or has Janie found the real thing Thirty something hairdresser Janie Johnson s single status is a constant source of gossip for her friends and clients So after too many nights in with her cat, a blind date disaster and news that her ex is getting married, Janie realises it s time to do something dramatic with her life It s time for an adventure Leaving winter behind, Janie takes the plunge and books an exotic trip to Africa Her friends think she s mad and Janie thinks they may very well be right but then she falls head over heels for her tour guide and fully fledged Maasai Warrior Dominic But can Janie now face spending a snowy Christmas back home without him Packed with unforgettable characters, romance and laughter, Wrapped Up In You is your very own perfect Christmas Carole
    Wrapped Up in You A Christmas fling or has Janie found the real thing Thirty something hairdresser Janie Johnson s single status is a constant source of gossip for her friends and clients So after too many nights in w

    One thought on “Wrapped Up in You”

    1. DNF at 193 pagesThere was nothing really wrong with this book but I just personally wasn t bothered about the characters and I wasn t invested in the romance With other book genres if I don t like a certain aspect such as the characters or something else there is another aspect such as plot or world building that will keep me reading but with contemporary romance like this, lets face it if you don t like the romance aspect why bother reading it I was really interested in the idea of a romance be [...]

    2. I am a huge fan of Carole Matthews read most of her books and loved them BUT I really didn t warm to this book I ve thought this through a lot to think why on earth I feel like this but although I liked janie the main character I thought the whole plot of her falling for her warrior all a bit strange and felt it uncomfortable reading when He came to see her in the uk I loved the character mike but the rest of it just didn t work for me I m really disappointed cause I ve been waiting to read this [...]

    3. Love this book, it shows you can find love in places you would not expect.I am glad Janie finally fell in love with someone which is Dominic from Africa and everything worked out for her and she proved everyone wrong, goes to show you can never judge a book by its cover.

    4. I have to admit that having read and enjoyed quite a few novels from author Carole Matthews before my blogging days began Let s Meet on Platform 8, The Chocolate Lovers Club and All You Need is Love spring immediately to mind I was really excited to be offered a copy of Wrapped up in You to review.Through Janie s clients in the Cutting Edge salon we get to know about her love life and how she feels about romance Having listened to all her regular clients about their love lives she asks herself I [...]

    5. am a huge Carole Matthews fan I cannot walk past new Carole Matthews book without picking it up I was so excited when an advanced copy of Wrapped up in You arrived in my letter box to review, all wrapped up in a lovely little bow, my Christmas had come early Plot.A Christmas fling, or has Janie found the real thing Thirty something hairdresser Janie Johnson s single status is a constant source of gossip for her friends and clients So after too many nights in with her cat, a blind date disaster a [...]

    6. I m thrilled Carole didn t fail to disappoint me with her new novel Wrapped Up In You a delightful, heart warming, hilarious and truly wonderful read Janie, a single hairdresser, is constantly harassed by her clients about her love life and when she meets her ex, who tells her that the girl he left her for, is now pregnant and that they are getting hitched, she finds herself telling him that she too, is happy in her life and is going off to Africa on safari, an idea which was given to her by one [...]

    7. This is a wonderfully unique book Don t let the cover fool you it isn t your typical girl meets boy storyline Yes, girl Janie Johnson certainly does meet boy, but he isn t just any boy he s a man, a Massai Warrior man Dominic Carole Matthews has a wonderful style of writing, it s descriptive enough for you to feel like you re in the same room as the characters and flowing and paced well to keep you reading I really enjoyed the short chapters, something which has been lacking in my life for a whi [...]

    8. Article first published as Book Review Wrapped Up in You by Carole Matthews on Blogcritics.Wrapped Up in You is the first of Carole Matthews novels that I ve read Based on how much I enjoyed it, it definitely won t be the last I read it in a couple of sittings, and had life not gotten in the way, I could have easily have done it in one It s that easygoing, not to mention a page turner This heartwarming romantic comedy is about Janie Johnson, a thirty something hairdresser who s pretty much given [...]

    9. Janie is just an ordinary girl, and single for way too long So long that her friends and clients at the hairdressing salon are trying to fix up her love life She tries to convince even herself that she is happy being single.Lovable Mike, is the divorcee from next door He is a good friend to Janie and she would be lost without him He is always there for Janie and wants to be than just a good friend.Lewis is Janie s blind date, never to be repeated, who just doesn t get the message that Janie is [...]

    10. Mir el libro por encima pero hubo cosas que no me gustaron y por eso lo dej Entre otras, estas fueron algunas razones 1 La protagonista tiene novio, y pasa gran parte de la novela junto a l Suspirando por su novio hasta que rompen 2 Una vez que est soltera, inicia una relaci n con el chico africano, pero en otro continente Y alli hay toda clase de momentos dramaticos pues la vida para este joven es lo opuesto a lo que conocia l se siente inadaptado y es incapaz de comprender el mundo que le rode [...]

    11. As you can see, I read this book really quickly It had very short chapters that made it ideal to pick up and read here and there, and so perfect to have on the go on the Christmas holidays However, one of the main reasons I started this book mid December is that I thought it would be at least a bit festive It has a lovely sparkly cover and asks the question will Janey bring love home this Christmas However, I think the word Christmas is mentioned once or twice in passing, and the main character [...]

    12. well I m back in the reading game if you are ever in a reading slump, this is the book for you it s quick, easy to read, cute and funny definitely enjoyed it than I was expecting to

    13. Really liked the way the book started, thought it was so funny But the whole thing about falling in love with Dominic and having him move to England just felt a bit too weird and unrealistic for me Their backgrounds are so very different, don t think this would work out in real life Oh well, enjoyed the book though Thought it would be christmasy though

    14. Wrapped up in You is Carole Matthews 19th novel due out at the end of October 2011 Janie Johnson is a 30 something single hairdresser living on her own in a little cottage in Buckinghamshire with just Archibald the Aggressive her cat for company Her Clients and Friends constant check on her love life gets her down Nightmare blind dates and the news that her Ex is getting married and his Fiancee is with child pushes her over the edge Before she knows what she is saying she blurts out that she is [...]

    15. First of all, the cover for this novel is incredibly misleading Although the story takes place in winter, there was nothing Christmas y featured which was a bit of a disappointment as that was why I have chosen to read this I struggled with this novel a lot, both with reading it and deciding how to review it I loved the happy ending, but at the same time, I didn t enjoy how the story got their and at one point I nearly flounced and gave up on reading this in the middle The romance is sweet but u [...]

    16. This charming story hooked me from the start Janie Johnson is looking for what most of us want true love but of course life hasn t turned out as she hoped News of her ex getting married is the shock that gives Janie the push to get away and do something different and she takes a less than conventional trip to Africa There she meets Dominic, her Maasai Warrior tour guide Dominic is brilliant na ve in many ways yet very perceptive and he certainly has an effect on Janie I loved the locations from [...]

    17. We all know how all chick lit goes lonely girl meets boy, they fall in love, something bad happens and it seems like they can t be together and in the end, everything s great when they finally get together for what seems to be the rest of their lives Wrapped up in you follows the exact same pattern, but I dare say it s much intriguing than any other chick lit I ve read The story is quite realistic from beginning to end, which surprised me Come on, he s a Maasai warrior, after all, who would hav [...]

    18. In December I like to listen to audiobooks with a festive theme and this was one of my festive picks Janie Johnson goes on a African adventure holiday after she finds out her ex fiance is not only getting married but the bride is pregnant Once in Africa she falls in love with Dominic who is a masai warrior Once Janie is back at home she finds she can t stopthinking about Dominic and flys back to spend Christmas with him She eventually persuades Dominic to come to the UK and live with her This wh [...]

    19. Could not resist as she goes off to Africa to escapeUpon completion Plus a good chick lit book, very enjoyable, had me wanting to read it Would like to try another of hers.I liked this one because I could very much relate to it given my experinences in Africa.Minus I was disappointed very much with the outcome Unrealistic given chick lit and all LOL She went to Africa and states no way I could live here but has the expectation of him to give up everything and come live with her with little to no [...]

    20. I ve read all of this authors books a few recent ones I haven t quite enjoyed as much but I loved this one It sounds an unbelievable scenario to go on holiday and fall in love with a Maasai warrior who apparantly spoke perfect Englishd supported Arsenal but it just worked Janie Johnson is a very likeable and vulnerable character and I found myself rooting for her and hoping that everything went her way The scenes involving the stalker and his unrequieted passion were funny and there is a gentle [...]

    21. This is literally what it says on the cover, Funny, Romantic, Heart warming fiction All Carole Matthews fans will love this story of Janie and her Maasai Worrior Funny things that the girls get up to in the hairdressers where she works will have you giggling with knowledge of the antics of modern life, while the time spent in Africa will leave you dreaming of visiting the country A story that will warm the winter nights and leave you believing that love should conker all.

    22. Audiobook Nicely narrated, unfortunately I found the story a little unbelievable but it was entertaining.

    23. If you d have asked me my rating of this book half way through, I d have probably given it a 1 5 Now I ve just finished it, I d say it scrapes a 2.5 5 at the most PlotThe first half of this book made me rage A lot The first few chapters, I found the book a little slow going Then I started to get into it a bit , especially with appearances by Mike who I will gush over later Then Janie jets off to Africa and this is where I started to get annoyed I was expecting there to be a good chunk of story [...]

    24. This is my first book I ve read of Carole s The cover and title honestly attracted me, and so did the bio This book took a little bit longer than usual for me to read for a few reasons The book itself is actually a very easy read, and you can go through it quickly, but I honestly had some trouble along the way The book was cheesy, and lovely at the same time, but it was just too cheesy and quite unrealistic I m an avid reader for fictional books, but this book was just overboard unrealistic Jani [...]

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