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The Passions of Emma By Penelope Williamson,

  • Title: The Passions of Emma
  • Author: Penelope Williamson
  • ISBN: 9780446605977
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback
  • Born to a life of wealth and privilege in turn of the century Rhode Island, Emma Tremayne s life is all mapped out for her including her engagement to the town s most eligible bachelor Emma s sheltered world is shattered, however, when she discovers the horrifying working conditions in her fiance s textile mill And when she encounters Shay McKenna, a brave Irish revolutBorn to a life of wealth and privilege in turn of the century Rhode Island, Emma Tremayne s life is all mapped out for her including her engagement to the town s most eligible bachelor Emma s sheltered world is shattered, however, when she discovers the horrifying working conditions in her fiance s textile mill And when she encounters Shay McKenna, a brave Irish revolutionary, she learns what it will take to defy society s conventions, and experience a love she never thought possible.
    The Passions of Emma Born to a life of wealth and privilege in turn of the century Rhode Island Emma Tremayne s life is all mapped out for her including her engagement to the town s most eligible bachelor Emma s sheltere

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    1. This book hurt People called it marvelous They called it the book of second chances.I call it the book of second best.Sure, it was written beautifully.But from the start I knew where it will go, so all the sly little glances Shay gave Emma or all the thoughts of love Emma had I never saw them as obscene, but they bugged me They were sweet on one side but on the other almost every time Shay just went in to the next scene, picked up his wife, and twirled her around because it made her happy or bec [...]

    2. Possibly My Favorite Historical Romance a Keeper I always know when I read a story by Penny Williamson that I m going to feel deeply about the people she introduces me to and I know I m going to be swept away to another time and a great love story I knew I was in trouble with this one when I was in tears by page 20 but I could not put it down.This is one of the most moving historical romances I ve read If you ve ever loved a man who loved a woman before you, or if you ve ever loved a man you kno [...]

    3. Ouch, this book was painful to read It s vivid scenes and raw emotion lingered with me long after I turned the last page.The plot sounds horribly depressing and there s no doubt that this is painful stuff but I wouldn t have put it down for anything Rich in detail and emotion, it s moving and uplifting and tender and such a very beautiful story about love and friendship, THE PASSIONS OF EMMA is one of the best books I ve read this year Just grab yourself a box of tissues before starting it .

    4. One of the most heartwrenching and unusual romance novels I ve read in a long while Beautifully written, with very well drawn characters especially Briawonderful Bria and a story of friendship, loss, and love that made me teary than once The plot took twists I wasn t expecting and that I would never have thought could work as well as they did There s a sort of love triangle here, but not at all the usual kind I won t say , because if you read this I want you to be as surprised by things as I wa [...]

    5. Shay McKenna is a poor, Irish immigrant working odd jobs to make a living Emma Tremayne is filthy rich and comes from one of Bristol s best families the Great Folk Their match seems a highly improbable one and that is if you don t count the fact that Shay s already happily married with Bria and have two girls together But then we learn early on that Bria is suffering from consumption, which of course makes it obvious that one day she ll die and leave the road open for Shay s and Emma s romanceTh [...]

    6. 4.5 starsI enjoyed this than I thought possible Historical fiction isn t my go to genre the main focus wasn t on the romance even though there s a HEA But mainly, I shied away because I knew of the love triangle which made the hero unavailable for most of the book view spoiler Shay was married to another woman, Bria, for three quarters of the book Emma, too, became engaged to another man during the course of the story My memory is fuzzy but I think she and Geoffrey had an on again off again eng [...]

    7. Emma Tremayne is one of the Great Folk of Bristol her family and those like it owning the land and businesses of the town She isn t passionate about much of anything until a series of encounters with two Irish immigrants show her a different life Shay McKenna, rough, outspoken, even at times hostile, disturbs her in a way she cannot understand, while his wife Bria becomes the first real friend Emma has ever known Bria is dying of consumption, and her death will bringtogether the two people who l [...]

    8. I just finished this book and am so glad I picked this one up, though knowing nothing about the author I thoroughly enjoyed EVERYTHING about this book The writing, the plot, the characters, the setting Everything The characters are fully fleshed and real The plot is one that sucks you in and makes you care The writing is smooth and compelling I dived into this not sure what it would yield and was soon so immersed in the developing saga that I lost track of time and place while I read.I was most [...]

    9. J ai longtemps h sit avant de commencer cette romance Je souhaitais lire une romance historique qui sorte un peu des champs battus ou qui, en tout cas, ne soit pas dans le style de celles d aujourd hui Je n avais jamais lu un roman de Penelope Williamson auparavant mais j ai t ravie par cette histoire.Pour une old romance, l h ro ne est ind pendante et son amour pour Shay Seamus est touchant sans tre trop guimauve L auteur a rendu compte avec pr cision du contexte de l poque tout en pr f rant la [...]

    10. This book left me with so many emotions I give this book four stars because it started off pretty slow but after you get to know Emma,Bria and Shay you truly get to know the heart and soul of this story I truly enjoyed this amazing journey of true friendship and love and when I say love I mean a true love story This is not your typical romance love story

    11. Una historia diferente, con momentos divertidos, entra ables, emotivos, dolorosos y muy sentimentales Los personajes est n bien delineados, el ritmo y la estructura narrativa son perfectos, pues el pasado y los secretos van revel ndose justo en los momentos precisos Me hubiera gustado un final m s desarrollado, pero no era indispensable Es la primera novela que leo de esta autora y realmente es todo un descubrimiento.

    12. This is probably one of my favorite books of all time It has something that gets me every single time I read it.It s not steamy yet the passion and desperation are so palpable and real This story is so poignant and well written that it absorbs you and makes you feel alongside its characters.This is a story about love and friendship About Emma s passions, but also about Shay s and Bria s It s a book about the different shades of love.It s not your traditional romance but one very much so In my ex [...]

    13. Thisok.was.hard.take On many levels.I normally love this trope widower hero has a second chance at love Don t get me wrong, I understand you can love then one person in your life and love each person differently But, reading about Bria and Shay s love and life together for 3 4 of the book washard.take The struggles and pain they faced in Ireland as well as trying to build a new life in America for their family We watch Shay s love for Bria through whispered words, tender moments and a fierce pr [...]

    14. This story was long, confusing and painful I m not sure if I love it or hate it.EmmaI liked herd didn t like her One minute I m cheering for her to keep on being brave and the next I m not liking her cause she s such a mary sue Til the end she let her mother step all over her without sticking up for herself And her sisterI didn t like her either Maddie was bitter, and jealous She had her own happy ending I guess bu she didn t deserve it after she tattled on the sister she claimed to love.Shay, I [...]

    15. Lembra um cl ssicoUm livro maravilhoso, com certeza Eu poderia seguramente classificar como cinco estrelas e favoritar, se n o fosse minhas ressalvas Os meus sentimentos em rela o ao livro, que desde o in cio da hist ria o livro me prendeu, pois Shay e Emma prometiam tanto No entanto, embora a escrita seja excelente, as descri es espl ndidas e os personagens t o reais, o romance quase n o existiu ou pelo menos, o que eu busco em um romance.Emma Tremayne linda, boa mo a, riqu ssima e nascida de u [...]

    16. Pasi n prohibida es un libro que no solamente nos cuenta una historia de amor en ella encontraremos la historia de dos mujeres que su procedencia y su posici n social hacia imposible que se llegaran a conocer y mucho menos hacerse amigas pero ya sea por el azar o por el destino sus caminos se cruzaron dando lugar a una amistad duradera que ni la muerte har a que se dejaran de querer.Emma Tremayne es una rica heredera de Rhode Island que su vida transcurre entre bailes, compras y tardes de visita [...]

    17. Read it in one day because only the last third of the book is interesting Too many main characters I feel those numerous POVs took so much away from the two people who really matter.

    18. The Passions of Emma is not a book pitting a self less, desperate heroine against an unforgiving hostile world it doesn t have a clear cut villain although arguments could be made for a few characters it doesn t have a hero who rides in to rescue the helpless heroine and save the day All of the characters are flawed in some way In other words, its not a cookie cutter romance novel And thank god for small blessings What we have instead is a book that questions following social convention vs follo [...]

    19. Que leitura espl ndia Penelope Williamsom me impressionou desde o livro The Outsider, no entanto esse me envolveu igualmente A escrita fant stica, ambienta o riqu ssima, tudo em detalhes sem ser cansativo Cada personagem, sejam coadjuvantes ou protagonistas, possuem um momento em destaque Suas almas s o desnudadas ao leitor para que tenhamos nosso pr prio ponto de vista S o personagens muito humanos e d spares, com seus segredos e por vezes carregados de culpa e ressentimentos, com quest es rele [...]

    20. I love Another I have taken a lover and, oh, by the by, he is a poor lad from Gartadoo When you fall in love with someone, you get hit pretty hard.Emma Tremayne didn t mean to fall in love with Shay McKenna It just happened simple because she was around him due to being friend s with Shay s wife, Bria Of course I was rooting for Emma and Shay, so I wanted Bria to be dead as soon as possible I m horrible, yes I know SOWhy in the world was Shay with Bria anyway Shay wasn t described as the handso [...]

    21. Enjoyed this book and the conflict that Emma had of living two separate lives One in her Great Folks world and the other with poor Irish immigrants Bria, Shay, and their two daughters Bria eventually dies of TB and Emma falls in love with Shay The last third of the book is about Shay s and Emma s love affair and whether or not Emma will have the courage to leave her wealthy way of life or run away with Shay.As always, Williamson does a wonderful job of describing the world of the setting and fle [...]

    22. What a brave woman is EammaI m a sucker for women that are afraid of going against what is expected and doing it anyway Emma was born to privilege and luxury so what did she know of hard work and making her own choices How could she love a penniless Irish emigrate fisherman Fearlessly and with all her heart The story of Shay and Eamme finding their way to that once in a lifetime love is a heartbreaking ,heart racing kind of story that is hard to find in romance novels today This is one of a few [...]

    23. Re read for a f2f discussion First read around time of publication circa 1998 Reason for club selection was Rhode Island setting While this was basically an historical romance it was better written than most and brought up many issues such as women s place, social prejudice re immigrants, child labor and conditions in textile mills in 1890s Bristol The descriptions of the setting were spot on and I could easily visualize the places mentioned Author s The Outsider was romantic but this one was g [...]

    24. I wasn t that into it for the first few pages, but then I started to realize that I had read this book before I still couldn t even remember what happened but once the plot started to unfold I remembered that I had already read this book a long, long time ago After those first few pages, I started to really get into it and read the last 150 pages in bed until 2am last night I wanted so much to happen though I felt like it ended without a few thigns happening that I was hoping for Otherwise, I [...]

    25. Tear jerker Set in Rhode Island 1890 Irish immigrants learn how to change and grow because of necessity The heroine has great compassion and depth The hero has to overcome social and internal obstacles to love the heroine I liked the setting and characters It was a sad read but worth it.o

    26. My heart broke reading this book I knew how it would end, but it took so much to get there I loved all the characters, and could vidily picture them in my mind Great writing and descriptive work I would read this one again.

    27. The romance novel takes place in the 1800 s in Rhode Island Emma is suppose to marry a man of her class but falls in love with another man.When I got to 100 pages of the book, I almost quite reading it but did finish it

    28. This was not my usual choice of books but it was lent to me so I figured, why not I m glad I gave this book a chance Emma s emotions as she struggled against what was expected of her in 1800s Rhode Island society captivated me This was a fantastic example of historical romance.

    29. Emma Tremayne is a rich girl She is engaged to a rich man She meets Bria McKenna, an immigrant from Ireland and they become fast friends Bria dies Emma has fallen in love with Bria s husband, Shay This is a very good story.

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