[EPUB] ✓ Speak Daggers to Her | by ☆ Rosemary Edghill

Speak Daggers to Her By Rosemary Edghill,

  • Title: Speak Daggers to Her
  • Author: Rosemary Edghill
  • ISBN: 9780812534382
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bast alias Karen Hightower is a single white witch, entirely at home in the New Age Nineties But when a close friend dies suddenly, possibly the victim of a magic spell, Bast must turn detective to find out who killed Mirian Seabrook and how.
    Speak Daggers to Her Bast alias Karen Hightower is a single white witch entirely at home in the New Age Nineties But when a close friend dies suddenly possibly the victim of a magic spell Bast must turn detective to fi

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    1. Ovo je prvi roman iz trilogije o amaterki detektivki Bast koja radi kao prelama roman je s po etka devedesetih, kad se od tog posla jo koliko toliko moglo iveti a zapravo je posve ena ve tica tj pripada njuejd erskoj vikanskoj religiji.Iznena uju e je koliko je prikaz njene religioznosti i vikanske zajednice u Njujorku devedesetih realisti an i ovozemaljski, bez nekog zano enja ili idealizovanja emu verovatno doprinosi pripoveda ki glas pod ozbiljnim uticajem cini nog Rejmonda endlera Kao takav [...]

    2. Rosemary Edghill, aka Eluki bes Shahar, is one of my favorite authors I haven t read any of her historical romances but The Warslayer and the Bell, Book, and Murder The Bast Mysteries are on my to read over and over list.Speak Daggers to Her is the first Bast mystery, written and set in the mid 1990 s It features reluctant sleuth and modern day witch although she dislikes the term Karen Hightower, known in the Craft as Bast Edghill s heroine views the modern Wiccan movement pragmatically and the [...]

    3. I will speak daggers to her, but use none Hamlet III,ii More than twenty years ago Rosemary Edghill was caught by the mystery of the sudden death of a healthy young woman in her 20 s Add to that the ethical violations within the New Age Community that were not taken seriously and Speak Daggers to Her was born FM Writers Miriam s dead It was Lace on the phone, which meant that Miriam was Miriam Seabrook, and Miriam was my age People in their middle thirties don t just up and die Bast Lace sounded [...]

    4. 1 in the Bast mystery series, featuring Karen Hightower, a Wiccan living in New York whose magical name is Bast When Miriam, a friend from the Pagan Community is found by her lover dead at home with no apparent injuries, the lover panics because of some run ins with the law and calls Bast A quick perusal of Miriam and her home reveals that she had gotten involved with some questionable practitioners she s wearing a chicken claw necklace and Bast finds a strange, small book that looks similar to [...]

    5. Rosemary Edghill gets in a lot of work these days co writing things with Mercedes Lackey, but in the 90 s, she did three books in a mystery series featuring a neopagan named Bast in New York They or at least, the first two, the only ones I ever got around to reading before are short but fairly gritty little books They re also an interesting little window into the neopagan and Dianic community, seen through the eyes of Bast, a.k.a Karen Hightower.Speak Daggers to Her starts off with Bast getting [...]

    6. This had potential and failed miserably The protagonist, who seemed intelligent at first, turned out to be one of those too stupid to survive the story even though she does Too many decisions Bast made should ve gotten her dead Even the character said as much near the end of the story.The mystery wasn t a surprise as we re given the killer fairly early on and the only surprise is how they are brought to justice The magick in it feels contrived, like the author read a little on a few celebrities [...]

    7. I thoroughly enjoyed this story Bast is a Wiccan looking into the suspicious or at least unexpected death of a friend.Edghill s descriptions of the two best known occult stores in NYC at the time are spot on She also accurately details what the occult, Wiccan and Pagan scenes were like back then I knew these characters, or at least people just like them.I also find Edghill s description of spellwork and magick refreshingly realistic There are no wizard battles, no flashing Wands and bolts of ene [...]

    8. I was super excited to read this book and was disappointed It goes, then falters, then goes, then falters I really liked this plot but Edghill just goes on and on and on and on about Wicca I don t care about religion in books but I hate when I feel like they get preachy About any religion That aside it was interesting to read about I will keep reading just because I loved Bast and this series is only a trilogy I m hoping the next books won t have so much preachseysreview 2010 12 b

    9. This is the first title in a three part series that heavily features Wicca and wider late 20th century pagan culture in and around New York City In addition to the cultural and historical insights into neo paganism, the book is respectful and is top quality mystery writing The main character is irreverent, mouthy, ironic, and has tremendous capacity for self reflection I really dig her For mystery or paranormal fans, these three books are really good I plan to reread them this summer as it s bee [...]

    10. Oooo I really enjoyed this a mystery set in the Wiccan Neopagan world of 90 s New York Main character is x gen smart and ironic, but still very likeable Her musings about her lifestyle and spiritual condition are interesting and integral to the story in only this it reminds me of Irene Allen s Quaker stories.

    11. Ms Edghill knows whereof she writes This is a mystery set in New York City in the 90s Her protagonist, Bast, is a Priestess of the Goddess who can parse sects and ethics and herbs and athames and keep her wits about her In this excellent book, she needs to do just that Does Evil exist If it shook your hand, what would you do

    12. Neopagan Wiccan themed mystery set in NYC in the mid 90s Interesting for the theme, but painfully earnest, and a pretty thin to non existent mystery.

    13. A very good book The story was good and Bast was great The discussion of ethics and morality was interesting Very glad I read it.

    14. I wasn t loving it I didn t think it had enough character development, and I thought the ending was very disappointing.

    15. Someone who truly understands Wicca and the community created this articulate mystery Wish there had been .

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