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Werewolf in the North Woods By Vicki Lewis Thompson,

  • Title: Werewolf in the North Woods
  • Author: Vicki Lewis Thompson
  • ISBN: 9780451234988
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • When she used to walk around her grandfather s property outside Portland, Abby Winchell loved the idea that Bigfoot was somewhere out there too Now her grandfather swears he s seen two creatures that fit the legendary description and he has evidence Sort of Grandpa Earl may be a bit dotty, but when his neighbors invite a renowned anthropologist to disprove his theory, AWhen she used to walk around her grandfather s property out side Portland, Abby Winchell loved the idea that Bigfoot was somewhere out there too Now her grandfather swears he s seen two creatures that fit the legendary description and he has evidence Sort of Grandpa Earl may be a bit dotty, but when his neighbors invite a renowned anthropologist to disprove his theory, Abby decides to send the man packinguntil she sees how hot he is.Anthropology professor Roark Wallace can t risk news be ing made of a Bigfoot sighting in the north woods not with a local pack of werewolves to protect Disproving the evidence should be easy, but ignoring Abby is not Her fiery red hair makes him want to sit up and beg, and this obvious attraction is making the pack suspicious.
    Werewolf in the North Woods When she used to walk around her grandfather s property outside Portland Abby Winchell loved the idea that Bigfoot was somewhere out there too Now her grandfather swears he s seen two creatures that

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    1. Reviewed by Rabid ReadsA Werewolf in the North Woods is a cute, flirty read with paranormal undertones but the bulk of the story line focuses on lovin The Bigfoot intrigue was a fun added bonus and offered an interesting twist on an old myth It s not essential to have read A Werewolf in Manhattan prior to tackling the second novel The main characters of this series are brothers but other than that each story is independent of the other A great read if you re looking for a few giggles and some R [...]

    2. I loved her Nerd series, while the world building is really weird here.Paranormal lite I didn t get into the first book not into this either The romance was mainly boinking and then suddenly the heroine is all fine with all the secrecy of the werewolf world after disliking it for most of the book.I prefer her straight up contemporaries, feels less forced and natural.

    3. This one was much better than the first I found the story line without as many holes, although some times just conveniently fall into place, I found the situation enjoyed, and I found the characters enjoyable Although I loved the idea that Emma, the lead female in the first in the series, was a writer there is something about Abby that seems to make her relatable Maybe it s the fact that she is doing everything for her Grandfather I dunno, but I know I like her I know that I like that she use [...]

    4. About half way through reading a novel, I can always tell when it s going to be a five star read I start deciding what I want to write in my review while I m still reading Now though, I m sitting here and have no idea what to write It s not that I didn t enjoy this read, because I did It s a fantastic way to sit and kill a few hours The characters were just okay, not really that memorable, so I m not sure what I can say about them Overall, it s a cute story There are some humorous moments, some [...]

    5. I really enjoyed this fairly lighthearted shifter romance It was not a wisecracking joking type of book Just not deep, dark and ominous Nor was it erotic although there were several nice love scenes I liked both the hero and the heroine She was well written as a person with a background that would lead her to accepting the existence of werewolves fairly easily The shifter world was drawn in lightly but it all made sense I m definitely going to read the rest of the series and I m quite looking fo [...]

    6. Did not finish I read half the book Conversations felt like TV sitcom style dialogue.Some reviewers liked it for the perky chick lit feel But it didn t work for me.Roarke is a wolf human shape shifter His community of werewolves keep their existence secret from humans Abby discovers he is a werewolf and blackmails him She tells him she wants to accompany him in a search for Bigfoot Roarke wants to relocate Bigfoot to a safe area away from humans So they take camping gear and head to the woods fo [...]

    7. Just finished the sequal to werewolf in manhatten Here we have the story of Roarke, Aiden s brother, and Abby It all starts with a big foot sighting by Abby s grandfather He is discredited and made to feel the fool by Roarke Roarkes is just trying to protect the big foot creatures as well as the secrecy of Were s who own land near the sighting.Abby is mad Mad that her grand father has been made to look a fool She catches Roarke in the woods shifting and gets a few snaps She uses those pics to bl [...]

    8. I thought this was going to be a supernatural romance mystery, like many other books I enjoy, but this is of a straight romance with lots of sex and very little plot I like this author, especially her Nerd series of romance novels, but this was not my favorite.

    9. Second in the Wild About You paranormal romance series revolving around the Wallace werewolves based in New York The couple focus is on Roark Wallace and Abigail Winchell My Take I do enjoy the fluff of Thompson s writing Not only does she create a very enjoyable adventure, but she does so with intelligence and a modern sensitivity that appeals to both sexes with honor and some very caveman lovin In this case, Roark has to balance his own honor in falsely ridiculing one man while upholding the h [...]

    10. A Werewolf in the North Woods is the second book in the Wild About You Novel The first, A Werewolf in Manhattan, was reviewed here If you haven t read that book, go read the review You don t have to read A Werewolf in Manhattan to enjoy A Werewolf in the North Woods The books are linked in that the heroes of these books are brothers, but the books stand alone Official Book Blurb from the back of the ARC When she used to walk around her grandfather s property outside Portland, Abby Winshell loved [...]

    11. Review from Backchatting Books Werewolf in the North Woods is another cute and fun read just like its predecessor except there is sex and sasquatch Abby Winchell s grandfather Earl reckons he has seen two Bigfoot and he has taken some very blurry images to prove it The locals have invited big shot anthropologist and secret werewolf Roark Wallace to investigate the claims Abby is pretty protective of her grandfather and tries to help him find better proof Roark meanwhile wants to relocate the sa [...]

    12. Werewolf in the North Woods was so much fun and gave me happy nostalgic feelings since it reminded me of Gone With the Nerd, also by Vicki Lewis Thompson and involving Sasquatch Abby s grandfather is convinced that he s spotted a mated pair of Bigfoots Bigfeet , but his neighbors the Gentry pack don t want humans all over their land So they call in Roarke Aidan s brother to dismantle his claims, in hopes of running the old man out of town so they can purchase his land for themselves Well, Roarke [...]

    13. Werewolf in the Woods by Vicki Lewis ThompsonParanormal Romance Oct 4th, 20114 starsAbby Winchell is visiting her grandfather in Portland and trying to convince him to move to Arizona where the weather will not worsen his arthritis Just recently, her grandfather claimed to have seen Bigfoot, only to have his sighting shot down by the Gentrys, the grandfather s neighbor and local royalty The Gentrys fly in a famous NYU professor, Dr Roarke Wallace, to debunk her grandfather s claim Having his lif [...]

    14. This review also posted at A Bookish CompulsionThis is the second book from Ms Thompson that I won in an author contest through Fresh Fiction I have to say that I am very glad that I was fortunate enough to win both books, not only because I received two author signed books which makes the fan girl in me squee, but also because in reading the second book in this series I feel I received a better look at Ms Thompson s writing I liked this book quite a bit than A Werewolf in Manhattan, the first [...]

    15. Liked this book so much better than the previous book in the series Werewolf In New York Abby Winchell looked forward to those summer visits with her Grandpa Earl Her and her brother would play and camp out in the woods, and Abby would pretend she was Indiana Jones off on some great adventure So she always supported her grandfather when it came to his studies Her grandfather had made it his life s work to find a true Bigfoot and when he is out walking the woods comes across two such creatures Du [...]

    16. Cameron Gentry is out to oust Earl Dooley from his land so that he can have it for his pack and so that his pack stays safe Roarke is a fellow were and is hired to discredit Earl But, he really wants to try to relocate the Sasquatch pair that Dooley did in fact see He is attracted to Abby She convinces Roarke to let her tag along into the woods to search for the pair She discovers that he is a were, and she promises to keep his secret He battles the notion of mating with a human since his older [...]

    17. Enjoyed this one a lot than the first one Yup, I just really hated Emma in the first book Especially her voice from the audiobook The start of this book urked me at times specially the super Irish , when we were getting to know the characters But the further along it went, the I was enjoying it and disliking it less.Roark of course was an enjoyable character A little prejudiced regarding the human wolf paring But he s got good reason Abby wasn t too stupid to live SO that was nice.Donald was w [...]

    18. Abby Winchell had loved imagining Bigfoot watching her from a very early age She loved hiking in the early morning Her grandfather swore he found a mated pair of bigfoots in the woods Roarke Wallace has come to visit her grandfather s property An anthropology professor, he is there to see if her grandfather s claims are true What they both didn t count on was the chemistry they have together But the effect their growing passion is having on the local wild life really was a shocker Especially to [...]

    19. I first got into Vicki Lewis Thompson through her nerd romances, and much of what I loved about those books continued here She s got a fun, sassy, and somewhat sexy writing style that is fun to read In this story, Abby is in the Portland area trying to help her grandfather find proof that he really did see big foot, so he ll leave and move to Arizona with the rest of the family He s stubborn, though, and digs in his heals when a professor by the name of Roark comes in and debunks his evidence Tu [...]

    20. I enjoyed the 2nd book in Vicki Lewis Thompson s Wild About You series This one features Aidan Wallace s brother Roarke He is sent out to the Portland area to discredit a Bigfoot sighting to help protect the Gentry Pack and protect their privacy from other people looking for Bigfoot near their property The Gentrys have been trying to buy the Dooley property that overlooks theirs for years Earl Dooley is the one who made the original Bigfoot sighting His granddaughter Abby Winchel was sent up fro [...]

    21. Werewolf in the North Woods is the second book in the Wild About You series It revolves around Roarke Wallace, the younger brother of the Wallace pack from New York He is called to Portland by the local pack leader to debunk his old neighbor s sighting of a mated bigfoot pair.Abby Winchell is the granddaughter of the man who made the sighting Abby s Grandpa Earl, has made it his lifelong hope to see a bigfoot He s caught small glimpses of them on his land over the years but never had the proof o [...]

    22. Reviewed for NetGalley Abby s grandfather has spotted not one, but two Bigfoot people As if that is not enough information to process he claims the female Bigfoot is pregnant Now, just who in the world is going to believe a windy old man like her grandfather That is why Abby jumps at the chance to come help him find some hard evidence.Roarke has his own motives He really likes Abby, but being who he is, he cannot allow the sasquatches to be seen He knows that if they are brought into the open, p [...]

    23. I liked this one better than the first book.I loved Roarke, I liked Abby better than Emma I loved the idea of doing it in the woods under the rain, or in a cave Although the longer I tried to imagine it, I wouldn t enjoy it Well, I m not really that kind of person who love doing it outside Maybe because I m shy enough DThe funny part When Donald, a man who curious about and had been hunting for Bigfoot in Earl s land, asked Abby what her two big dogs name were Abby can t think of anything cool s [...]

    24. This is one of those books you enjoy when you read it, it is light and fun, but easily forgettable when you are done with it.I loved how everything seems to be thrown into dismay by a Bigfoot sighting and this sighting put in danger the werewolves that are living nearby In order to keep their secret the wolves have to discredit the man that boasts of the Bigfoot Abby is relegated to see just what is up with her Grandfather and finds herself smack in the middle of a supernatural coverup, only she [...]

    25. I haven t read the first in the series but this could definitely stand alone Anthropology Professor Roarke Wallace is brought in by a Werewolf pack in Portland to help defuse a situation Apparently the pack s neighbor Earl Dooley saw Bigfoot and possibly his mate Since then strangers have been in the woods trying to get a better look and picture Roarke is to spread his opinion that Earl didn t see Bigfoot but maybe hikers, who knows since Earl is 77 He is also assigned to move the Sasquatch coup [...]

    26. Werewolf in the North Woods follows Roarke, Adian s brother, as he tries to defuse a situation where a man says he has spotted two Sasquatch Roarke knows it s true but he uses his degree to undermine the man s claim, thus making the older man determined than ever not to sale his property.Roarke takes a camping trip, hoping to find the mated couple and relocate them He s forced to take Abby with him when she shows that she has pictures of him shifting into a wolf Despite his determination not to [...]

    27. Abby Winchell s grandfather has finally found what he s been after his whole life Bigfoot But not only does no one believe him, the rich family next door has hired professor Roarke Wallace to come dispute his claim Sparks fly when Abby and Roarke meet, but will she be able to get past the secret he s keepeing that he s actually, gulp, a werewolf I found this to be a very enjoyable book well written, fun, and sexy Roarke and Abby were great protagonists It was fun to spend time with them, and ver [...]

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