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The Science of Self-Realization By A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda,

  • Title: The Science of Self-Realization
  • Author: A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda
  • ISBN: 9780892131013
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • Within the interviews, lectures, essays, and letters of this book, Srila Prabhupada talks about practicing yoga in the modern age Topics include karma and reincarnation superconsciousness, how to choose a guru, Krishna and Christ, and spiritual solutions to today s social and economic problems.
    The Science of Self Realization Within the interviews lectures essays and letters of this book Srila Prabhupada talks about practicing yoga in the modern age Topics include karma and reincarnation superconsciousness how to choo

    One thought on “The Science of Self-Realization”

    1. This book is my last remaining hope for falling in love with God again Christianity has destroyed my image of anything related to spirituality this book is the only comfort I have left I believe it may very well hold the only true message humanity ever needed to know of God.

    2. There was an interesting story to how I came to own this book which is the only reason I was actually able to struggle through the half of it I read One year at the Warped tour I was approached by a man with who was wearing really strange pants and he had this funny top knot haircut He called himself a monk and had a back pack full of these books The Science of self realization I was touched by how he insisted that the book was free with any donation I would make to whatever church, but in the e [...]

    3. After the first chapter, this book becomes insanely redundant If you would like a gist, take note You are not God You could never be God, so don t even fool yourself as if anyone would want that kind of responsibility anyway As opposed to the Golden Age, which of course took place millions of years ago where humans had a lifespan of 100,000 years, no less , we are living in a degraded age Kali yuga, age of quarrel, confusion, etc and it will only get worse, so do not waste your precious time try [...]

    4. Any human with respect worthy critical faculties would find this book a waste of thought Majority of the arguments are based on the authority of texts from some ignorant ages or made with the help of analogies, either way failing to convince, to say the least.Regardless of the worthless content per se, this book did introduce me with a puzzling dilemma As I am writing this sentence, I cannot forget how I came about this book I was approached by a friendly looking girl, an art student, as it soon [...]

    5. I had great expectations for this book and for this famous guru But then I did not like either much at all A couple examples of the deal breakers So the difference between others and us is that we are the only movement that can actually teach one how to know God and how to love him I m interested in several others movements and gurus that base their teachings largely on the ancient Bhagavad gita, but this is the only one I ve found that claims to have a unique truth Any person in any moment can [...]

    6. The book is a total mess.My understanding of Hinduism and Bhagavad Gita is contradictory to the teachings of this book.The author stresses on few points all over the book They are1 The only way to reach God is to chant the mantra.2 God exists and people who deny it are rascals.3 Spiritual leaders who claim themselves God are frauds and rascals.These points are redundant all over thee book.The only good point I took from this book is We live in a materialistic world We should get away from it.

    7. If he could have stopped being a sexist ass for one second I might have liked this book I could resonate with much of what he said but he basically thinks women are twits that need a man to guide them I yelled, kiss my ass At the book, a lot

    8. I think the author is sort of narrow in his views Maybe fundamentalist, but it is very interesting to hear this point of view and that is precisely why I selected this book.


    10. I love the strong, cutting, definitive tone of Prabhupada when he is making his points, even if his use of English might not be palatable for Westerners such as ourselves You can see that he is a devotee that has dedicated his life to his cause and, for amateur spiritualists such I myself, I of course cannot relate to his dedication, but I just kept an open mind, digested what I could at the time and left the rest to hang in suspense until further insights would come if ever Prabhupada, in his s [...]

    11. I really like how Prabhupada, always comes with a practical approach when trying to solve material problems such as the world hunger problem He also uses very strong vocabulary in his effort to explain how getting a spiritual master and obtaining a love for god can help you in the long run What I like is that before he became a yogi,he was a chemist who had a small business and everything But when his business failed and all he had was taken away from him He took shelter of a spiritual master to [...]

    12. I love this book I read it a few years ago, but I liked it so much I bought three copies I loved His Divine Grace s conversations and arguments with the people he spoke to, his argument for vegetarianism is straight forward, stating that animals have the same functions as humans He recommends chanting the mahamantra for happiness and union with God as part of the practice of Bhakti yoga He tells us that Bhakti yoga is the practice of devotional service to Lord Krishna who is God Great book that [...]

    13. For sometime while I was 14 16 I was very much involved with the esoteric circles of Hinduism, and later on in the Hare Krishna philosophy so much so that I began to find major flaws in it Maybe if I happen to rate this book here on that time period, I would have given it no less than 4 stars but I ve outgrown it so much that I could not help giving it than 2 stars.

    14. The book says kind of the same thing from page one to the last, yet i didn t find it boring at all I think repeating the concepts is an effective way to make people really understand them and to put them into practice.

    15. A good book for those who wants to trod on the path of self realization Sometimes the book seems repetitive, but the content is meaningful.

    16. Not only this book makes one realize the most important questions of life but also answers those question with great logical reasoning.

    17. I started reading this on a whim I had no prior knowledge about Hinduism before this book The problem I have with organized religion is the lack of acceptance For instance, I understand having certain standards but I can t get behind the idea of tea consumption as sinful I drink various cups of coffee on the daily, so my impurity is beyond recovery A effective explanation of this Krshna consciousness movement would have been less is A lot of pages felt like repetition on what A.C Bhaktivedanta [...]

    18. This is Cult Literature 101 The premise of the book is that since truth and knowledge are good, and since western science presents theories on truth and knowledge it is limited on the other hand, God is omniscient and therefore Krishna Consciousness i.e interbeing with Krishna is the most precise kind of science Here s the issue the arguments for the book are founded on the author s INTERPRETATIONS of the Bhagavad Gita He does not let the reader approach the source text without at least 3x or 4x [...]

    19. This collection of essays, interviews, etc is a good introduction to Prabhupada and the Krishna Consciousness movement for casual readers But that s about it Tediously redundant and, to be frank, lacking in depth, The Science of Self Realization is of a short and sweet highlight reel of sorts than a cohesive work In fact, it kind of comes across as propaganda than anything else Make no mistake, you ll find some beautiful, genuinely moving passages here and there in this book And it s ultimatel [...]

    20. Prawda i pi kno ksi ka jest rzeczywi cie pi kna ale tylko na pocz tku, bo im dalej tym bardziej si nudzi em D Nie no, na pocz tku by a po prostu taka euforia wow, to nie tak jak chrze cija stwo katolicyzm chocia w pewnym sensie takie nalecia o ci moralizowania to do szybko zauwa y em te ale to w jednym miejscu w a ciwie A og lnie no z pewno ci wiadomo Kryszny to co innego, podoba mi si to co m wi Mistrz, e nie religia jest wa na tylko wiadomo Boga to i owszem, jest nowo w stosunku do katolickieg [...]

    21. The first book I read on Krisna Conciousness I had no idea this book as part of the religious group called the Hare Krisnas I had no idea who they were , so I was able to read this book without really judging its source It reads like an interview for the most part and is highly informative to the perspectives of their religion.One will find many interesting concepts introduced and will become aptly familiar with the belief system associated with the Hare Krisna group Perhaps one will find a rela [...]

    22. This was a very confusing book I liked the first few chapters as well as the fact that Prabhupada used the Baghavad Gita to support his arguments and explain HIS view of the world Fair enough, our civilisation is going through a spiritual death and the author managed to demonstrate it in a very convincing and inspiring way I even noted down a few quotes However in the later chapters I found this guru s approach to life, truth and God very dogmatic and hubristic regarding a spiritual master as go [...]

    23. Where is the science Below dialogue reproduced from the book page 19 is sufficient enough to know the weird views of the author aka self declared God about adhyatma or spirituality If you respect the spiritual master as much as God, then you must offer him the same facilities you would offer to God God travels in a golden car If the disciples offer the spiritual master an ordinary motorcar, it would not be sufficient, because the spiritual master has to be treated like a god Isnt spirituality ab [...]

    24. Ultimate book for a Newbie who wants to understand God, Absolute Truth,purpose of life and One s Relationship to the Almighty from a scientific point of view.HDG AC Bhaktivedanta Srila Prabhupada doesn t manufacture any new thing, he just quotes sastra as it is and hence, it is very clear and easy to understand.

    25. Fun fact a pair of Buddhist monks gave me this book outside of New York Comic Con last year As far as the book itself, other than some interesting ideas, I felt no connection to the overall message it was sending.

    26. Flat out the best book on self realization It explains the science for it, how it happens in a human being, and what practices unfold self realization A book I go to time and time again, always hitting me in new and profound ways I will never tire of this book.

    27. This book did show me some interesting insight ,into the human perseption of the idea of what we think God is.However the whole book felt like a mantra ,it keeps repeating over and over again.I believe that somehow ,the Truth about God has been destorted over time.

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