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Generous Death By Nancy Pickard,

  • Title: Generous Death
  • Author: Nancy Pickard
  • ISBN: 9780913165676
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jenny Cain investigates when a class of fourth graders finds the body of a formerly wealthy patron of the arts tucked into a priceless Chinese bed at the local art museum.
    Generous Death Jenny Cain investigates when a class of fourth graders finds the body of a formerly wealthy patron of the arts tucked into a priceless Chinese bed at the local art museum

    One thought on “Generous Death”

    1. Pickard writes well, but I don t think I ll progress with this series as it s a little dated copywrited 1984.

    2. So I like this but not only for the reason that the main character is named Jenny Although that s a plus I came across Nancy Pickard when I read The Scent of Rain and Lightning and loved it first book I read on Kindle too Then her name is tossed around a lot in Carolyn Hart s Death on Demand series, so I decided to start at the top as I always try and do with this first Jenny Cain mystery This book wasn t as solid as Rain Lightning but I enjoyed all the characters The premise is that the biggest [...]

    3. Is there really any such thing as a typical field trip of fourth graders Certainly not for a group of fourth graders whom we meet as this book begins They re touring an art museum which relies heavily on donations from a local foundation a foundation run by Jenny Cain As the children approach a bed used in ancient China, They see someone in the bed presumably sleeping But of course, the guy is dead, and he s a big donor to Jenny s foundation.It doesn t take long for Jenny to recognize, as the mu [...]

    4. This is the first Jenny Cain mystery in the series I picked it up late last spring at a church rummage sale I had only read the one book of hers and I really wanted to read , this seemed like a great place to start It s easy to see the success of her series Jenny Cain is a very likable character, smart, a corny sense of humor, realistic relations with her community and an original occupation, especially for an amateur sleuth Jenny is the Executive Director of The Foundation, a trust fund that ma [...]

    5. I can t believe it I randomly chose a book by an author a friend recommended and it turned out to be part of a series I can t believe how often this happens to me I should do my research before I embark on a journey with a new to me writer This time, though, it was actually the first book in the series I was a little put off in the beginning because this story was published in 1984, and it shows However, if a mystery is good, it doesn t matter if it s dated, and this one was good As it is the fi [...]

    6. Well the conclusion was utterly ridiculous This wasn t as charming as the other book I ve read from the series, Say No to Murder I will not give up on these books just yet though I do like Jenny Cain s character enough to read the next one 3 in the series next summer But she was supposed to be 29 in this book and she came across as a 40 something fuddy duddy Her personality reactions to things just didn t seem like that of a young ish woman.And Michael, her wannabe love interest was such a pathe [...]

    7. Reading Nancy Pickard was an unexpected addictive experience Her afterword in Generous Death was touching, hinting that she might not have chosen a cop for her heroine Jennifer Cain, however congratulating herself for choosing a great job for her as a brilliant move Which, I totally, agree The only thing she might have changed of Jennifer Cain was her height, making her a five four instead of a five eight Now, I thought, that makes a lot sense I was able to crack the case halfway into the novel [...]

    8. I decided this year I would investigate thoroughly authors who have been nominated for book awards I started with the Agathas, and Nancy Pickard was on the list She was already on my to read list, but I had neglected her So I checked this book out of the library Start at the beginning.This is easy, light reading, but not lacking intelligence The characters are fun and the setting is snug I enjoyed the glimpse into the world of philanthropy and art, which has its cut throat side.I liked it enoug [...]

    9. I picked up this book, the first of the Jenny Cain mysteries, to see if I would enjoy the series expecting a story about an amateur gumshoe Jenny Cain is not Nancy Drew by any stretch and I was shocked at who the killer turned out to be, not because I hadn t suspected the person but because the person was an undeveloped character and hadn t been introduced anywhere near the beginning of the book The story was slow to the point, little action until the end, and the make shift love scenes and fami [...]

    10. As director of the Port Frederick Civic Foundation, Jenny Cain is privy to the charitable intentions of the town s wealthiest citizens There s eccentric old Arnie Culverson, who s promised millions to the local art museum Who s found there one bright winter morning, neatly tucked into a priceless antique Chinese bed With pillow and blanket Dead Then another dearly beloved donor dies in the night And the killer leaves behind a nasty rhyme suggesting rich and beautiful Jenny will be next

    11. 1 in the Jenny Cain, head of a charitable foundation in fictional Port Frederick, Mass mystery series Some one is murdering the major donors to Cain s foundation and she is a target as well since she is also a major donor.A lot personal information about Jenny as she becomes involved in helping solve the murders A good read and mystery.

    12. Jenny Cain, director of the Port Frederick Civic Foundation, watches as her biggest donors are murdered one by one There are five names on the list and three are already dead to make it even worse her name is on the list An old acquaintance who is now on the police force tries to keep her alive, which is no easy matter.

    13. This is the first Jenny Cain mystery that I have read and I enjoyed it Some of Nancy Pickard s latest books are 5 star quality books, so this pales in comparison However, I will be reading and working my way through the back catalogue.

    14. It was okay Sections were even very interesting I think the red herring was over done, and the actual culprit to say would be a spoiler underdone in a specific way But, the main characters were good and though sketchily drawn, had room to grow.

    15. A delightful cozy read One of those robe, slippers and hot cuppa tea romps through murder and mayhem Written in the 80s, discovering Nancy Pickard is a treat I look forward to the next in the series.

    16. The book was very well written and kept me guessing until all was revealed My only problem was with the absurd number of typos, which a previous library borrower thoughtfully corrected I don t understand why so many books I ve read lately seem like they were never edited.

    17. Defintely a first book not nearly as good as her Marie Lightfoot series, but she does a pretty good job hiding the murderer and spreading red herrings.

    18. Jenny Cain is a clever, likeable, independent protagonist, and the mystery is a good one The setting of an art museum is a nice change from the same old same old.

    19. I love a good mystery, and this doesn t fail to deliver I love Nancy Pearl s suggestions in Book Lust , and I m really glad to have stumbled upon this series.

    20. Terrific debut mystery The way the protagonist saves herself and gets the killer in the end is something every woman can appreciate

    21. Jury is still out A good mystery but I found the main character unevenly drawn I do like Nancy Pickard and I will go on to the second Jenny Cain mystery.

    22. another one of those funny mystery writers also, along the lines of Janet Evanovich and the alphabet murders

    23. Read this book years ago and it became a go to series for me for quiet awhile Nothing spectacular but a highly enjoyable cozy mystery series.

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