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Eternity in Death By J.D. Robb,

  • Title: Eternity in Death
  • Author: J.D. Robb
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • When club hopping bad girl Tiara Kent is found dead in her plush Manhattan apartment, the killing has all the earmarks of a vampire attack The ever practical Lieutenant Eve Dallas has to deal with superstitious cops carrying garlic and stakes, as well as the ever hysterical press None of the wealthy young victim s friends seem to know much about the Dark Prince she hasWhen club hopping bad girl Tiara Kent is found dead in her plush Manhattan apartment, the killing has all the earmarks of a vampire attack The ever practical Lieutenant Eve Dallas has to deal with superstitious cops carrying garlic and stakes, as well as the ever hysterical press None of the wealthy young victim s friends seem to know much about the Dark Prince she has been secretly seeing The chase to stop him before he kills again will lead Eve and her team into areas of the city that not even the most intrepid cop wants to visit, and into the very heart of darkness.
    Eternity in Death When club hopping bad girl Tiara Kent is found dead in her plush Manhattan apartment the killing has all the earmarks of a vampire attack The ever practical Lieutenant Eve Dallas has to deal with sup

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    1. For Eve Dallas is all protect and serve even if in this novella the victims are exsanguinated through a two pronged wound through the carotid artery A vampire bite Very interesting.

    2. 4 stars Romantic Suspense Futuristic Mystery Crime Romantic ThrillerThis was a great novella Eve Dallas, Vampire Slayer One for the books Light killed shadows, and it created them But what loved the dark would always scuttle back from the light Her badge had given her the light, Eve knew Then Roarke had simply, irreversibly, blasted that light straight through her.

    3. I think this is the first book in this series that hasn t mentioned the busy streets of New York and the smell of grilling soy dogs.

    4. 24.5 in the In Death seriesAnother winner in this wonderful series This is a brief episode following the death of a rich young woman who seemingly died from a vampire bite When they delve into the underground club called Bloodbath, they discover a whole different world of people who believe in this strange cult Dorion is a charismatic leader who reminds Eve of her father Appearances by all of our favorite members of the team.

    5. The novellas tend to have a paranormal flavor, and this one is no exception Early in the series, I thought Eve s own mystical powers would play a greater role as time passed, but that hasn t happened Nonetheless, I love the way Peabody and Roarke always line up together as sympathetic to occult powers, while Eve is hyper rational While I tend to agree with her, I wouldn t mind being proved wrong occasionally.Eve s careful in this story, so she takes Roarke, a couple of other cops, and plenty of [...]

    6. Tiara Kent had it all beauty, youth, money Now she s dead, found in her bed exsanguinated through two puncture wounds in her neck The search for the killer leads Eve to an underground club catering to vampire groupies, owned by a man purporting himself to be a vampire who gives even Eve the creeps Another Halloween ish novella, entertaining short read.

    7. Imagine Dallas, a pragmatist, to combat club catacomb bloodbath for some vampires slash chemi head illusionists.

    8. This was a fun little story that had Eve Dallas going up against a self proclaimed vampire Things get creepy when a famous socialite is murdered in her bed with bite marks on her neck Eve and her partner, Peabody, are then thrust into the underworld of New York City as they investigate a vampire club.I am a huge fan of vampire themed stories so I was excited to see the pragmatic Eve deal with the potential for paranormal antics It was interesting how JD Robb made the culprit pretty obvious from [...]

    9. This is one of the novellas for this series I m not a vampire story lover, but this one is fun It is actually one of my favorites of the shorter novels, mostly because it is suspenseful despite it s length, and I just love Peabody she has some great lines in this one The other one of the short ones that I like is Haunted in Death, another funny one for Peabody A socialite is found dead in her apt, killed with what looks like a vampire bite Eve, Peabody, Roarke, and McNab proceed to a new undergr [...]

    10. Eve meets Anita.There are two series I have followed for quite some time that have strong leading female characters, the In Death series and the Anita Blake series In this novella, we get eve dealing with a case involving vampires It is not clear a first whether she is dealing with the real thing or if it is just normal people acting as bloodsuckers The reality is that the tone of this story reminded me quite a bit of my other favorite heroine, Anita, who spends his days dealing with supernatura [...]

    11. Normally I save two stars for books that I really didn t like, but didn t out and out despise Eternity in Death is the exception.It s not a terrible book It s not particularly a mystery, a police procedural thriller What is is, is a cop out There are a couple of these in the In Death series, and to me, they stand out like a sore thumb.These, gimmick entries into the series always piss me off In Death books follow a few basic templates Eve catches a homicide involving a famous serial killer terr [...]

    12. 3.5 starsThis one made me snicker a bit with the vampire references I like how it s a joke but at the same time with the existence of sensitives and the different advanced technologies and beauty sculpting services they have in this future world it s also not as far of a reach Sure, actual vampirism isn t happening, but you can get that much closer to being like one But for me, it made this bad guy a joke Even with references to the sociopath Eve and Roarke see in him the connections to her past [...]

    13. I am just not a big fan of the novellas that JD Robb writes for the In Death series There is too much of a paranormal feel in the stories that does not exist in the full length versions In the novels, the only the fact that they are set in the future make them fantasy or science fiction In the novellas, Eve chases ghosts, spirits, witches, or in this case a vampire With the down to earth Eve, it just doesn t always make a good fit.With that aside, I still love the series and I have yet to give a [...]

    14. Oh, this was so much fun is the Dark prince a vampire or not What does Roarke believe in It was a very cute, short story, and I did enjoy paranormal references It made me think of Buffy grins Recommended , , , .

    15. This installment wasn t that great It was a good Halloween story focusing on vampires, but it wasn t that realistic It also skimped on a lot of the police procedure and the connections between the characters I did find the underground of New York City rather interesting, but there wasn t much else to recommend this story, as I found it largely skippable.

    16. A fourth generation rich, club hopping socialite is found dead in her own bed with the only sign of trauma two puncture wounds in her neck Cause of death exsanguination.The woman has recently hooked up with a mysterious man, no one has seen, no one knows Except for the fact she called him her Dark Prince.Lieutenant Eve Dallas is a pragmatist she doesn t believe in the occult or the paranormal She knows Tiara Kent wasn t killed by a vampire a human did her in, and Eve has her suspect He might not [...]

    17. What strikes me as odd about Robb s short stories novellas, is that they are all self contained mysteries I can t help but wonder why, 1 These aren t full length novels, or 2 why all of her stories aren t this length.I don t know, maybe it s just me or my mood but this just struck me as odd when I finished this book It feels like an Eve Dallas mystery, it reads like an Eve Dallas mystery, and yet it s so much shorter than the novels.The only thing I can say about this story is that when I finish [...]

    18. I read this as a double book combined with Haunted in Death Both are novellas with plots that revolve around the supernatural I thought at the time that the was one novella and a full length story, and it a shame that this wasn t the case because Eternity in Death was an enjoyable book and I would have been interested in the story being expanding with people being taken in by the wannabe vampire.

    19. Tiara Kent prepares for her awakening She dresses, puts on jewelry and disables the alarm However, she never awakens Instead Lt Dallas investigates her death from exsanguination by two puncture wounds in the neck Another female, Allessaria is found in an abandoned building with the same marks Dallas learns that the killer is Dorian Vadim who truly believes he is a vampire She and her team take him down in the vampire cult club Bloodbath.

    20. Eternity in Death by J.D.Robb is a short novella in the In Death series, labelled as book 25.5 This time Eve is after a vampire type killer after a socialite is killed in what appears to be a vampire attack A typical In Death book, fast paced with plenty of action with most of the usual characters making an appearance.

    21. I probably always rate these books higher than they strictly deserve because I enjoy them so much This was really good Good plot, great character development, surprises and new glimpses into Eve s world and the time it is set in If you like these books you ll like this one.

    22. a rich socialite is bitten and drained of her blood when word gets out that there s a vampire in town Eve decides to set the record straight I love the playfulness of this book, I just wish we had of an ending I would like to know how they finally broke him.

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