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Hellstorm: The Death Of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947 By Thomas Goodrich,

  • Title: Hellstorm: The Death Of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947
  • Author: Thomas Goodrich
  • ISBN: 9780971385221
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Hellstorm The Death Of Nazi Germany None

    One thought on “Hellstorm: The Death Of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947”

    1. Genuinely disturbing, and by no means an easy read, but an absolutely devastating account of the attempted genocide of the German people during and after WW2 Quite possibly mankind s darkest hour I ll never look at WW2 the same way again Thomas Goodrich is to be commended for this look ata forbidden part of history.

    2. This is a very disturbing book with horrendous descriptions of what happened to German POWs and German civilians in the aftermath of WWII BTW, this is not the first book or research paper I have read about this subject, just the most recent.The only reason I give it 3 stars, is because of the veiled allusion to conspiracy theories It detracts from the facts of Allied atrocities against the Germans A less emotional and unbiased account would have packed a far greater punch.As a historian myself, [...]

    3. The tragedies caused by our nation s GI s, the British and the Russians are deplorable This insight into how WWII ended and the slaughter of German civilians and POWS is dispicable Eisenhower, Churchill and Roosevelt have such a deep dark secret that needs to be exposed Many of our GI s need to be condemned for their brutal actions, because what they did was not heroic what many of them were were cowardly who bought the American propaganda during the 40s.

    4. Excellent and well told The account of the devastation of Dresden and of many other German cities as a result of a direct attempt to genocide a nation by the Allied powers is not only revealing, but enlightens readers to what governments are truly capable of doing and hiding The cowardice of attacking cities of mostly women and children and then hiding it under the theme of righteous war is disgusting, but this gets no attention whatsoever Instead we are force fed the false narrative of the Jewi [...]

    5. No history fascinates me like WW2 history And the I learn about this war, the the predominant good vs evil narrative begins to deteriorate It is a complex and a disturbing tale The author makes you want to reach out and help those suffering The helplessness you feel is barely a reflection of the helplessness millions of Germans must have felt was their nation was plundered as everything was treated as war booty That they rebuild West Germany and then East in such a short time, is surely a mira [...]

    6. Sad facts to learn We ve been fed a bunch of lies and Goodrich tells us the truth I highly recommend this book to all who want to know what really happened Give the book to your kids, your friends and coworkers We ve all been fed lies about WWll.

    7. Hellstorm the Death of Nazi Germany, 1944 1947 has been described as a game changer , a book so powerful because it is written in the perspective of the victims Millions of Germans were murdered after the end of the hostilities, and countless millions of woman were brutally raped by both the Western American British, but especially sadistic were the Jewish inspired and led hordes coming out of the steppes of primitive Russia This book was very hard to read because of the unremitting savagery it [...]

    8. A haunting bookI would recommend this book to readers of military history, seeking to gain an understanding of what the final months of WWII were like for people in Germany I have read other good works The Last Battle, Fall of Berlin , but I was unprepared for the scope and depth of misery and cruelty suffered by the German people, at the hands of all sides of the victors I have a feeling that this is one of those books that stays with you for a lifetime.

    9. This book was written by a Neo Nazi, or as his bio favorably spins it a White Nationalist I thought you should know.

    10. It is terrifying to me, the nature of propaganda it feeds on the emotions of the reader listener viewer This book, and its author, are no different from any other propaganda I ve encountered Many of his readership have not made the journey to Germany Many of his readership have not been inside of concentration camps read about WWII atrocities in the original language by the original authors i.e in German or Polish by the leaders and leading writers at the time So many readers simply feel the emo [...]

    11. Hellstorm of EmotionMy generation was trained from birth to view Hitler and the NDSAP as the ultimate evil I was uncomfortable at first with this sometimes sympathetic view towards the third Reich, but by the end of the book, the story became all too reasonable Had to take a break on a few occasions due to the macabre descriptions and testimony The old adage is true History is shaped by the victors.

    12. A difficult and often gruesome read It offers a glimpse into the perspective of the losers of WW2, in this case the Germans More often than not, this book details the horrors that were enacted not upon the Nazis, but upon innocent civilians It just goes to show, there are never good guys in war, only victims and false prophets.

    13. This book was disturbing on many levels but is so achingly descriptive in trying to describe the horror of that war I have read many books about this subject and the war itself and so far this one has been one of the most brutal descriptions I have read Even so, I believe that it could not compare to the actuality these people lived through I must add, along with everything else published and in witnessing conversations with some who survived the camps and atrocities I do believe that this was p [...]

    14. Very disturbing indeed, the horrors of world war 2 are incomprehensible , how can human beings be so evil

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