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Bosnia: A Short History By Noel Malcolm,

  • Title: Bosnia: A Short History
  • Author: Noel Malcolm
  • ISBN: 9780814755617
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Paperback
  • This updated edition of Noel Malcolm s highly acclaimed Bosnia A Short History provides the reader with the most comprehensive narrative history of Bosnia in the English language Malcolm examines the different religious and ethnic inhabitants of Bosnia, a land of vast cultural upheaval where the empires of Rome, Charlemagne, the Ottomans, and the Austro Hungarians overlaThis updated edition of Noel Malcolm s highly acclaimed Bosnia A Short History provides the reader with the most comprehensive narrative history of Bosnia in the English language Malcolm examines the different religious and ethnic inhabitants of Bosnia, a land of vast cultural upheaval where the empires of Rome, Charlemagne, the Ottomans, and the Austro Hungarians overlapped Clarifying the various myths that have clouded the modern understanding of Bosnia s past, Malcolm brings to light the true causes of the country s destruction This expanded edition of Bosnia includes a new epilogue by the author examining the failed Vance Owen peace plan, the tenuous resolution of the Dayton Accords, and the efforts of the United Nations to keep the uneasy peace.What went wrong in the country where Christians and Muslims mingled and tolerated each other for over five centuries It was a land with a vibrant political and cultural history, unlike any other in Europe, where great powers and religions the empires of Rome, Charlemagne, the Ottomans the faiths of Roman Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Judaism, and Islam overlapped and combined In this first English language history of Bosnia, Noel Malcolm provides a narrative chronicle of the country from its beginnings to its tragic end Clarifying the various myths that have clouded the modern understanding of Bosnia s past, Malcolm brings to light the true causes of the country s destruction the political strategy of the Serbian leadership, the conflict between the city and the countryside, the fatal inaction and miscalculations of Western politicians Putting the Bosnia war into perspective, this volume celebrates the complex history of a country whose past, as well as its future, has been all but erased At last, here is the guide for the general reader seeking a comprehensive and accessible account of the war in the former Yugoslavia.Table of ContentsA Note on Names and Pronunciations Maps Introduction 1 Races, myths and origins Bosnia to 1180 2 The medieval Bosnian state, 1180 1463 3 The Bosnian Church 4 War and the Ottoman system, 1463 1606 5 The Islamicization of Bosnia 6 Serbs and Vlachs 7 War and politics in Ottoman Bosnia, 1606 1815 8 Economic life, culture and society in Ottoman Bosnia, 1606 1815 9 The Jews and the Gypsies of Bosnia 10 Resistance and reform, 1815 1878 11 Bosnia under Austro Hungarian rule, 1878 1914 12 War and the kingdom Bosnia 1914 1941 13 Bosnia and the second world war, 1941 1945 14 Bosnia in Titoist Yugoslavia, 1945 1989 15 Bosnia and the death of Yugoslavia 1989 1992 16 The destruction of Bosnia 1992 1993 Notes Glossary Bibliography Index
    Bosnia A Short History This updated edition of Noel Malcolm s highly acclaimed Bosnia A Short History provides the reader with the most comprehensive narrative history of Bosnia in the English language Malcolm examines the

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    1. Much of what goes by history in the Balkans is actually myth, generated and repeated by the regional tribes to serve their chauvinistic purposes The serious historian will necessarily clash with those treasured myths Malcolm is a serious historian.When published in 1994, in the middle of the war, this book was Malcolm s herald to an uncomprehending world He had the fortitude to state up front that he believed the Serbians were primarily responsible for the destruction of Bosnia For this, he was [...]

    2. Bosnia A Short History, by Noel Malcolm, is an excellent and concise account of Bosnian history from the period of Slavic migration in the sixth century to the collapse of Yugoslavia and the beginning of the Bosnian Genocide this book was published in 1994, before the end of the war in the Balkans and many of the gruesome details were publicly known Clearly, the Bosnian War had much influence on the book due to its publication date, but Malcolm writes a concise history that spans many aspects o [...]

    3. This is one of the best books on the history of Bosnia and Herzegovina I came across Superb scholarship and a fascinating and well balanced discussion of one of the most fascinating places in the world.

    4. Ko prebere 4 knjige o dolo enem zgodovinskem obdobju na dolo enem geografskem podro ju, pri petem avtorju praviloma ne pri akuje nekih novih odkritij Napaka Malcolm sicer res ne postavlja nekih revolucionarnih teorij in ne pi e zgodovine na povsem druga en na in, ampak isto zares ponuja tako celovit pregled bosansko hercegovske zgodovine, v katerem pokriva vse mo ne aspekte dru benega ivljenja, da sem se pri branju neprestano spra evala, kako to, da knjiga nima veeeliko ve strani in kako mu je u [...]

    5. Amazing read and one of very few books in English that actually goes through the history of Bosnia from early times to medieval to modern day However, it seems highly laced with a bias towards a unified Bosnia, which is not bad in and of itself, but in doing so, disregards nationalist appeals to Serbs and Croats from outside powers and perhaps forces an acceptance of what an acceptable Bosnian should look like, disregarding how people may have actually identified and why they chose to identify a [...]

    6. This book is well nigh perfect in providing an accessible history of Bosnia which puts the war there into perspective for the general reader Except for knowing some Bosnians, studying the Bogomils in the context of heresiology and mentions of the country within the context of general histories of Yugoslavia and the Balkans, I hadn t known much of anything about Bosnia before reading this Reading it, I now feel I have a foundation for further study and understanding.

    7. Much like KOSOVO A SHORT HISTORY, this is required reading It s impossible to properly understand the Balkans without at least having read these two books by Noel Malcolm.

    8. An excellent potted history of Bosnia, which came out just in time for the war in Bosnia The information on the medieval period and before, is invaluable for anyone trying to get to grips with the complexities of Bosnian identity However, as one approaches the present day, the author seems to be markedly pro Izetbegovi in his perspective This is understandable to a certain extent, as Izetbegovi managed to position himself as the face of the Bosnian Muslims, who were the underdogs until the final [...]

    9. Excellent introduction and overview Noel Malcolm s book gives a great insight into the turbulent and often tragic history of Bosnia and its people, without falling into the trap of mythologizing the causes and reasons for conflicts and wars that have so deeply traumatized this beautiful country.

    10. I read both this book and the one about Kosovo by the same author, and I found that they complimented each other very well They both made for a compelling and interesting read.

    11. As with Malcolm s Kosovo A Short History , this is a must read for Yugoslavophiles like myself It is simply a brilliant encapsulation of a country with a long and complicated history.

    12. Odlicno stivo za sve one koji zele razumjeti pozadinu svega sto se desava na ovim prostorima Autor se koristio velikim brojem radova, knjiga i publikacija da bi napisao knjigu koja na jednostavan, svima citljiv nacin objasnjava historiju BiH, njen razvoj od najstarijih vremena pa sve do nesretnih 90 ih Nepristrasno, neuvredljivo za bilo koga, sazeto na nekih 500 strana sve sto se treba znati o narodima, ekonomiji, politici, religiji i najvaznije pozadinskom uplitanju svih velikih sila i njihovom [...]

    13. Here s my take Bosnia by Noel Malcolm Book Review When remembering the tragedies of the Balkan war, amidst the wide scale destruction, ethnic cleansing, and numerous massacres that took place, the loss of Bosnia s cultural heritage may not seem particularly pernicious after all, who weeps for books or old buildings But as any student of nationalism will tell you, nations are not destroyed by force of arms, but the loss of their memories And the scale of destruction here was breathtaking the demo [...]

    14. Malcolm s book is an easy read and contains much valuable information broken down into digestible chapters of around 20 pages in length I did, however, take issues with two aspects of his presentation For one, as happens with many general histories, earlier periods are quickly glossed over to get to modern times the total space devoted to events from the beginning of time to 1606 is approximately the same as the space devoted to events from 1989 to 1995 Second, there is a feeling that Malcolm r [...]

    15. Lorsque la guerre civile yougoslave d j dans sa deuxi me ann e finit par enflammer les montagnes de Bosnie, le monde occidental fort de son traditionnel ton moralisateur d sira emp cher que la violence n escalad t Malheureusement, les grands esprits des diplomaties europ enne et am ricaine ne semblaient pas trop saisir de quoi tout a retournait et s enf rgeaient qui mieux mieux dans leurs grands id aux en bafouant des inepties sur des cessez le feu et des embargos Aucune d cision unanime ne fut [...]

    16. Noel Malcolm s Bosnia A short history is a very well researched book written by an expert who thoroughly understands the region It is however highly partisan putting all the blame on the Serbs for the Bosnian war Malcolm presents a picture of Jugoslavia from the tenth to the mid twentieth century that is very similar to that of Ivo Andric in Bridge on the Drina For most of their existence, the Muslim Bosnians lived in harmony with the Orthodox Serbs, Catholic Croatians and Jews living in their w [...]

    17. A wonderfully concise study of the history of Bosnia that does a great deal to dispel many of the falsehoods and myths that support Western behaviour in the Balkans in recent years by demonstrating how the conflict that tore this part of the world apart in the 90s was not inevitable and could easily have been prevented In charting the early and medieval history of Bosnia, Malcolm demonstrates how the myth that what happened in the 90s was a result of ancient ethnic hatreds is ridiculous as the h [...]

    18. Excellent history for someone who knows nothing about this area Although I think half it went over my head, I can now appreciate somewhat the struggles this country has had leading to where they are now It makes me appreciate America even I am continually amazed intrigued by religious conflict and how it shapes changes the world Even though Malcolm asserts that the many wars Bosnia has fought have not been all due to religious differences, they certainly play a part and can be manipulated into [...]

    19. The title should read Bosnia A long history A thoroughly researched one at that Noel Malcolm starts at the beginning and tackles myths and propaganda about Bosnia Were Bosnians really Serbs or Croats, as both Serbs and Croats have claimed Short answer No The author describes Medieval Bosnia, the evolution of Bosnian Church and Eastern Orthodox Church, The Ottoman Empire, The Austro Hungarians, and the destruction of Bosnia in the early 90s In the end, he lays responsibility on one side for Bosni [...]

    20. I approached Balkan history wondering why there s such calamity between Serbs and Croats, after having had to sit when Mayor Comitta was taking West Chesterians to the UNHQ in the Bosnia and Herzegovina seat The research librarian pointed me to this book in particular N Malcolm has helped me figure my question out people from opposing sides in general dislike one another.Now I know, and was able to speak cogently enough about the former Yugoslavia to write a convincing essay about it for my Comp [...]

    21. This is, as the title says, a short history of Bosnia It s quite comprehensive for such a small book, though I could have done without Malcolm s tendency to lapse into obscure historiography at times Despite that, the book is very informative and clears up a lot of mis conceptions I had about Bosnia, Tito, the Partisans, the Chetniks, and the former Yugoslavia From this book, it s clear that one can only understand the Yugoslav wars of the 90s in the context of the legacy of Tito s policy AND We [...]

    22. Early on lots of detailed information but the presentation is tedious, dry, and annoying Jumps back and forth between the centuries makes following the flow of the history of Bosnia and keeping it all straight chronologically extremely difficult Perhaps this will get fixed as the book progresses if I can stand to keep reading it.OK I couldn t take it The chronology problem seemed to get straightened out, but still, I stopped reading after four chapters I had gotten the book out of the library I [...]

    23. This is a readable one volume history of Bosnia that seems to have been written to dispel the belief that the violence in Bosnia was the result of centuries old hatred between the Roman Catholic, Orthodox Catholic, and Muslim populations of Bosnia The result is a book that places the blame for the violence on contemporary Serbia while making Western political leaders look foolish by their inability to see the facts of the situation Perhaps the author s conclusions are correct Perhaps there are n [...]

    24. An illuminating book detailing the history of the Bosnian state and its people The book stops at the beginning of the Balkan wars of the 90s, choosing instead to investigate the sources of the animosities between the Balkan peoples In this task, the author succeeds admirably In the process, he goes over centuries of history to show that the main driving force of conflict was not ancient hatreds , but rather conscious political decisions.

    25. I don t really know how to rate this book, because it was so over my head I know nothing about the Balkan region, which is why I read this My lovely neighbors are from Bosnia, and I wanted to know a bit about where they came from I m glad I read skimmed this, but I think I d have to read it at least three times to really understand the history.

    26. A great overview of Bosnian history It was quite technical, I had to look some things up in the dictionary, but overall it was a good read I felt a little under prepared for this with so many unfamiliar names of people and places If you are interested in Bosnia or Yugoslavia this is a great book to read.

    27. I think the only people who could read this book without problems and constant consultation of maps and historical documents would be specialists in the region The book, especially towards the end is packed with facts, yet somehow Noel Malcom manages to be overtly subjective and at times tells you what is the obvious truth.

    28. Fascinating history that reveals the complexity behind a recent war that, unfortunately, got poor, simplistic media coverage at the time However, it should be updated because Malcolm s historical narrative ends in 1995, and the regional conflicts which form the purpose of the book continued into 1999.

    29. Crucial book for anyone seeking to understand the conflicts in the Balkans during the later parts of 20th century, and the resulting atrocities and war crimes such as the Srebrenica Massacre Nuanced, comprehensive well written.

    30. Don t let the title give you an impression that this book is a quick and easy read It s full of vital and detailed information about the region starting with the 11th century and continuing to the most recent conflict in the 1990 s Read this book if you are in any way interested in the Balkans.

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