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Dark Lover: The Life and Death of Rudolph Valentino By Emily W. Leider,

  • Title: Dark Lover: The Life and Death of Rudolph Valentino
  • Author: Emily W. Leider
  • ISBN: 9780374282394
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the author of Becoming Mae West an in depth look at the Silver Screen legend who forever changed America s idea of the leading man.Tango pirate, gigolo, powder puff, Adonis all have been used to describe the silent film icon known as Rudolph Valentino From his early days as a taxi dancer in New York City to his near apotheosis as the ultimate Hollywood heartthrob, RFrom the author of Becoming Mae West an in depth look at the Silver Screen legend who forever changed America s idea of the leading man.Tango pirate, gigolo, powder puff, Adonis all have been used to describe the silent film icon known as Rudolph Valentino From his early days as a taxi dancer in New York City to his near apotheosis as the ultimate Hollywood heartthrob, Rudolph Valentino often to his distress occupied a space squarely at the center of controversy In this thoughtful retelling of Valentino s short and tragic life the first fully documented biography of the star Emily W Leider looks at the Great Lover s life and legacy, and explores the events and issues that made him emblematic of the Jazz Age Valentino s androgynous sexuality was a lightning rod for fiery and contradictory impulses that ran the gamut from swooning adoration to lashing resentment He was reviled in the press for being too feminine for a man yet he also brought to the screen the alluring, savage lover who embodied women s darker, forbidden sexual fantasies.In tandem, Leider explores notions of the outsider in American culture as represented by Valentino s experience as an immigrant who became a celebrity As the silver screen s first dark skinned romantic hero, Valentino helped to redefine and broaden American masculine ideals, ultimately coming to represent a graceful masculinity that trumped the deeply ingrained status quo of how a man could look and act.
    Dark Lover The Life and Death of Rudolph Valentino From the author of Becoming Mae West an in depth look at the Silver Screen legend who forever changed America s idea of the leading man Tango pirate gigolo powder puff Adonis all have been used to

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    1. A brilliant examination of the life and death of the smoldering star of the silent screen Rudolph Valentino In this meticulously researched book Leider examines how Valentino may have been destined to be a part of the movies because he was born in 1895 and he was an Italian immigrant who came to America at a time when honest labor was difficult to secure because of American s irrational fears of foreigners Embedded within her connection of Valentino to America s fears and WW I is a discussion of [...]

    2. It s always risky when you choose a biography of someone about whom you know NOTHING When you are already interested and know something about a person, there s always the chance that your interest will carry you through even a dry biography When you don t, it s all on the author s skills to get you hooked.Fortunately, this is one of those books Leider writes a book that gets you involved and caring about Valentino s life and struggles, even if you ve never once before given a thought to them She [...]

    3. This is far and away the definitive Valentino biography I would recoomened it to anyone with any interest in Rudolph Valentino or the whimsical world of Hollywood in the twenties.One day I took an impulsive trip to the outskirts of Seattle There was a theater I wanted to venture to that still aired silents, so I was drawn I guess the book was calling me on I found it in a small, but suprisingly well frequented bookstore on the outskirts of Seattle s University District The owner who sold it to m [...]

    4. The most comprehensive bio of Rudolph Valentino to date Puts Valentino and his legacy in perspective and not a sensationalized bio in any way.

    5. Valentinos legend is something that interested me, having only seen segments of his films I wanted to learn about the legendary star His story is riddled with inconsistencies that will never be truly known however Emily W Leider has done an amazing job of researching the man As many rumors about his life are still abound its interesting to see the objective way this book is approached and the images that go with it Valentino was the original screen idol, his seductive looks and charm seemed to [...]

    6. Leider s biography of Valentino is really quite good I was a bit surprised, partly because I find the title off putting she justifies it really well, though , and partly because I was skeptical of the level of interest Valentino could actually engender in me What actually happened was I started to like him Previously, my interest was limited to his on screen performances, but Dark Lover is truly a life story It s incredibly sympathetic, without letting the sympathy and rapport and, hey, let s b [...]

    7. This is an excellent biography of a silent screen star who died at the height of his fame This book was one of the best biographies I ve read so far The author does a fantastic job at describing Valentino s Hollywood which, in the silent era, was still still very divided between New York and Hollywood Valentino s relationship with his mother in Italy and his two marriages the first a quick affair lasting only a few months to Jean Acker the second to the love of his life Natacha Rambova are exami [...]

    8. America s first Hollywood star a latin lover combined HE WAS DEFINITELY CAT NIP TO THE WOMEN OF HIS GENERATION This book gives you everything Rare HOT pictures, a glimpse into Segnor Rodolfo s taxi dancing days in the early teens, how he got the world going Tango Crazy in The Four Horsemen of The Apocolypse, and how he changed the mold forever of the modern American man Also, the book talks about his marriage to his two wives at the same time , his divorce from Natasha Rambova, and how his exces [...]

    9. Entertaining and well researched, with plenty of background and context provided so one really feels a part of the era I have been watching Rudolph Valentino films thanks to Netflix, and he certainly deserves the catnip for women title This book will give you all you need to know about him.It s a tragedy of the human condition that one of the first male Hollywood sex symbols would suffer from the same personal insecurities as the rest of us, hurting from criticism and never fully realizing how a [...]

    10. This was a well written and informative biography of the late film legend Rudolph Valentio I would have liked information though, but then again I am a history junkie.I enjoyed the way how Leider wrote about the original Hollywood system And how classical acting and the Stanislavsky method were merging to create the stars of the silver screen And yes Valentino got to meet Stanislavsky Reading this book has increased my love for old Hollywood even .

    11. Excellent, well wriiten and researched life of one of the biggest movie stars of the silent era, Rudolph Valentino It s fascinating to learn how this poor immigrant who started out to be a gardner, became a taxi dancer, then a film actor Valentino was a kind and romantic man who was unlucky in love and died tragically young Lots of gorgeous stills too.

    12. First off I ll start by saying I m a big Valentino fan and lot of books like to focus on the negatives of his life, e.g gay I read this book first with the intention of reading Jeanine Therese Villalobos book Rudolph Valentino The Early Years, 1895 1920 as a sort of series I wasn t disappointed This is a very complete biography on him, with complete sources and nice photographs.

    13. breaks your heart by the end of the book you almost can t believe everything you ve just read and you really hurt for the guy I m actually making it a point to read it again it was amazing be prepared to break out your tissues

    14. If you re looking for a deeper look into Valentino s life, you won t like this book While aesthetically superior to David Bret s Valentino A Dream of Desire, Emily W Leider s book seems very leery of getting too close to the facts of his sex life, which involved many men and few women Avoiding these aspects of this is denying who he was, a very sexual man In an apparent attempt to sidestep this, she renders Valentino into cardboard painted in drab conventional colors His many lovers, including R [...]

    15. Everyone that knows me knows that I love to read bios from old moviestars, almost exclusively about actors and actresses from the 30 s 40 s and 50 s and this is my first bio of a movie star from the silent era And I AM HOOKED I want to read everything about that time and about every star of that time now.I think that everyone has heard the name Rudolph Valentino but I don t think many people who know who he was or have even seen a movie of him, apart from us classic movie freaks and that s a sha [...]

    16. This was a good read as with all good biographies it gave an insight into the time and place as well as the persons lives I knew very little about Rudolph before reading this and found him and interesting person The author tends to lean on the importance of him being the first dark skinned actor to make it big, however this was not given much content and it would have been nice to have had background of this, especially as it indicates its a big theme in the title The other way the title can b [...]

    17. I first discovered Rudolph Valentino about five years ago when I came across a picture, and for some reason, I became fascinated with him He was a silent film actor who lived and died long before my time, but I was still intrigued by him I was given Dark Lover The Life and Death of Rudolph Valentino by Emily Leider as a Christmas gift I had asked for the book because it seemed to be the best biography out there about Valentino This is the first and only biography I have read about Valentino so a [...]

    18. Prior to reading this biography, my knowledge of Rudolph Valentino was relegated mainly to the peripheral that of the Hollywood legend in his seminal role in The Sheik 1921 Valentino as the screen s glamorous great lover a legend perpetuated made all the alluring by the mysterious, veiled Lady in Black who, for decades, marked Valentino s death anniversary by leaving a single rose at his tomb the mass hysteria surrounding the news aftermath of his death But thanks to this biography, the man beh [...]

    19. Rudolpho Guglielmi, born in the arch of Italy s shoe near the end of the 19th century, arrived in New York penniless at seventeen and was dead by thirty one In the time he had, he re defined male sexuality in the United States, for which he paid a heavy price The story takes a little while to get into, but once hooked, it s quite a story Valentino was called Latin Lover , but he was Italian with Moorish heredity His personal and professional life was tragic, and both illuminated and shadowed by [...]

    20. Great bio of the first male screen idol that was turned into a sexual icon by hordes of women and men worldwide before Dean, Redford, Cruise, Pitt cie, there was Valentino, the Italian lover, whose short, tragic life is masterfully analyzed by Leider She obviously did a lot of research, and it s hard not to be impressed by the result But than just the portrait of a mysterious seducer who still remains a fascinating figure, Leider evokes the world of Hollywood during the silent era, and the impa [...]

    21. Valentino was the Brad Pitt of silent movies the epitome of male perfection Prior to his success, the most popular actors were the all American chisel jawed white men But his dark good looks wakened the sexual side of American women that men didn t realise they possessed and then tried to suppress His rise to fame coincided with female emancipation which is why his most ardent followers were women Leider explores Rudy s life from birth to death via Valentino mania An extensive and well written b [...]

    22. A good solid biography, with a rushed lackluster ending.After several preceding chapters of copious detail, the finale left me flat Also worth noting this book has not been revised nor updated since first published Several films noted as lost Beyond the Rocks, The Young Rajah are known to be extant and have since been wonderfully restored.

    23. The book started to be interesting with Rudy s and Natacha holidays for the French Riviera, they borrowed a touring car He refused to wear eyeglasses, he drove too fast on dusty roads full of hairpin turns on steep escarpments , Natacha got tired and Rudy assuranced her with his some sort of immunity Both got tired I had a good laugh.

    24. The is probably the best bio that I have read on Valentino Valentino was a lot complex than folks realized A man who preferred to sit home and read and was not into the Hollywood party scene I can relate to his background, style, and preferences I highly recommend to those readers interested in understanding one of Hollywood s most secretive men.

    25. Wow A well written book, and, I think, an honest look into the life of Valentino I am pleased the author doesn t dwell on peccadillos like was Valentino gay and how many women he was intimate with in the course of his short life.

    26. this book took me an eternity to read I ve never found a book that was both fascinating and boring at the same time Just when I thought I d give up something fascinating would happen to keep me going It s an okay read definitley sets the record straight on Rudolph Valentino.

    27. He was loved by women including my grandmother and hated by men Valentino became the symbol of the perfect Latin lover Although loved by many, he was treated poorly by his studios and the Press His short, sad life helped him to become one of Hollywood s greatest legends He won me over.

    28. loved this book full of interesting trivia and really good pictures i have read another book about Valentino but this book much better researched and very good read.

    29. An interesting autobiography of the great lover.There was a bit too much supposition in the early chapter around how his mother felt gazing down at her new born son.

    30. The best movie star bio I have ever read, but then I m prejudiced, because Rudolph Valentino is one of my idols.

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