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White Lies By Linda Howard,

  • Title: White Lies
  • Author: Linda Howard
  • ISBN: 9781551667331
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Jay Granger s ex husband is seriously hurt in an accident, she is asked to confirm his identity at the hospital But the man before her is almost unrecognizable from his injuries Tentatively she identifies him as Steve Crossfield, the man she was once married to When he awakens from his coma, Steve cannot remember anything of their life together Is this the man JayWhen Jay Granger s ex husband is seriously hurt in an accident, she is asked to confirm his identity at the hospital But the man before her is almost unrecognizable from his injuries Tentatively she identifies him as Steve Crossfield, the man she was once married to When he awakens from his coma, Steve cannot remember anything of their life together Is this the man Jay once loved intensely, or is she attracted to a complete stranger
    White Lies When Jay Granger s ex husband is seriously hurt in an accident she is asked to confirm his identity at the hospital But the man before her is almost unrecognizable from his injuries Tentatively she i

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    1. Rating 4.5I really enjoyed White Lies, it was really good.Jay Granger is not having a good day, for five years she has tried to be sexless to succeed in her career in investment and now due to doing her job so well and showing up the boss s son she is being let go She doesn t know what to do, how to pay her bills and then the FBI pays her a visit regarding her ex husband Steve Jay had kind of forgotten about him, her divorce was painless since their love was never that deep, Steve was a loner fl [...]

    2. Book 4 in the Kell Sabin spy series.I liked this story Old, but not too dated A spy recovers in the hospital, brought back to the light by the voice and touch of a woman he s never met before Near death, he somehow knows her at first sight, even though his eyes are bandaged and they ve never met She recognizes a soulmate in him, too, as they communicate through touch, scent, and finger tapping She s good looking, but that s not relevant he s virtually blind for half the book Sweet.An intensely a [...]

    3. I ve said it before I m saying it again IF YOU HAVE A READER S SLUMP, GO READ LINDA HOWARD The book is a refreshing read for me, even though I kinda guessed what will happen in the end But nevertheless, Linda Howard is such a great author.

    4. Overall rating 5 stars Triggers Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler Love triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler Intimate pasts view spoiler Neither are virgins I know it has been awhile 5 yrs or less since the heroine has been with anyone, but I am unsure about the hero That is not mentioned What IS mentioned once by a co worker s POV is that he was always easy with the ladies like ladies loved him and he didn t mind hide spoiler Sex with om ow view spoiler No hide spoiler Push pull view spoile [...]

    5. 3.5Lovely to read but the nits were strong enough that I couldn t give it than a middle range rating The tension was good, but the weak beginning and weak ending marred a bit the experience for me The beginning view spoiler I can believe she runs to him as she has been fired, but all the set up was really weak There s nothing to identify him, but she does There s not manipulation, that s unbelievable I needed a much stronger ground on which the story could stand hide spoiler The end after all t [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this White Lies The beginning was so different, with a hero who s terribly injured for a good 30% 40% of the book His skull was cracked, lung collapsed, face and hands burned, legs broken so the first time the heroine sees him, he looks like a mummy, bandaged from head to toe Not that he was totally out of it for a long time Jay, the heroine, finds a way to communicate with him even when the poor guy had a tube down his throat but his strong will, sense of humor, and smarts come [...]

    7. I did a reread of Linda Howard s White Lies the other night because I needed a sure thing i.e the book you KNOW will make you fall in love with both the hero AND the heroine, as well as their HEA also something engaging yet one I didn t have to think too much over Linda Howard s oldies are all that for me but mostly I read it because I needed a sure thing.White Lies begins with the heroine, Jay, losing her job a job she s worked her tail off for Things go from bad to worse when the FBI show up a [...]

    8. Perfect Love love love this Definitely going to read the rest of the series Yes I don t know if this one was romantic suspense though It didn t seem too suspenseful

    9. I didn t even realize I had not read this one I ve read the 3 others but this one escaped me some how I liked both the H h The story may be a little out there but who knows what really goes on in this world

    10. Liked 1st half, did not like 2nd half.I enjoyed their meeting and development of the relationship, but I hated her lying during the 2nd half I did not like her reasoning.DATA Sexual language mild Number of sex scenes six Setting current day New York City, Washington DC, and Colorado Copyright 1988 Genre contemporary mystery romanceUTION SPOILERS They fell in love with each other but she refused to have sex with him for reasons I didn t understand Later she said yes to sex I disliked even that s [...]

    11. I just love it when a book pulls me in to the point I completely forget about time I absorbed this one in a single setting There was something special about the connection between Lucas and Jay that drew me in Linda Howard excels at making her couples emotionally rich and this one gets it right I loved Jay s strength and her commitment, even though she was facing a lot of her own issues during Steve s rehabilitation By being there for him when he needed her, I believe it enhanced their relations [...]

    12. White Lies is the story of Jay and Lucas Steve When Jay Granger is fired from her long term stable job, she never expects that the day will get worse when CIA agents show up at her house and ask her to identify a stranger, who might be her husband.The stranger has similarities with her vivacious ex, and despite her doubts she starts spending time taking care of him and rousing him from his deep coma.S L has no memories, but a persistant voice becomes his escape from never ending darkness, and so [...]

    13. You can find this review in English below.Yo no llamar a a esto un suspense rom ntico El suspense es inexistente o penoso, lo dejo a tu elecci n Y el resto de la historia es dif cil de creer Es muy complicado engancharse a ella, yo lo he intentado pero me ha sido imposible, es uno de esos casos en lo que te cuentan algo pero ni lo ves ni lo sientes.La historia ha sido muy predecible Tenemos a Jay, a Steve, la amnesia y mentiras, muchas mentiras que la autora repetidamente nos intenta explicar pe [...]

    14. Now, that s like it Thank goodness I really enjoyed the first two books in this series especially the first and number three was a real let down, so it was with trepidation I opened this one Thank goodness it was up with the first two You could almost play the game Which One Isn t Like the Other One with this series, seeing as how book three truly stands out as not being like the others, almost to the point you think it s a different author the style of book ie secret agent type book it isn t a [...]

    15. I keep thinking about how this book ticked me off I lowered my rating b c 3 stars was too generous2.25 starsI really liked the first half but than it went down hill fast Plot holes were annoying scenes that were important to the story outside of the romance were cut Book was 1st published in 1988 so the H is cold I thought he would of soften but didn t happen.The sex scenes were blah sad.

    16. The setting at a hospital with a mummy like bandaged patient with AMNESIA and a MYSTERIOUS identity crisis was straight out of those terrible daytime soaps of the 80s For being a romantic suspense book that is part of a series of swashbuckling secret agent capers, the pace was seriously slow, monotonous, and dull I enjoyed the rest of the Kell Sabin books, or less, but this one could not hold my attention to the finish line.

    17. En la l nea del anterior libro, la verdad es que son libros que se leen en un suspiro y est n bien La autora tiene libros mucho mejores, pero todav a no he encontrado ning n libro bueno s , uno que no me haya gustado

    18. There s absolutely nothing that falls short in this book If you enjoy excellent romantic suspense, I dare you not to love it The voice was calm and infinitely tender He didn t understand the words, because unconsciousness still wrapped his mind in layers of blackness, but he heard the voice, felt it, like something warm touching his skin It made him feel less alone, that tiny, dim contact Something hard and vital in him focused on the contact, yearning toward it, forcing him upward out of the bl [...]

    19. I LOVED IT Everything about this book I loved It s been a while since I found a book where there was not one complaint from me This book was that and The plot was what intrigued me to read and to be honest I didn t expect to love it so much When I was 2 3 into the book and saw what page I was on I was disappointed to see I was almost done At first I didn t think I was gonna like Jay from the opening pages as she seemed very closed off from everything and everyone as she was a workaholic Once sh [...]

    20. When I try to convert people to romance, one of the things I always ask is what is your thing Meaning, what s your fantasy man situation Do you like em beta, alpha, in between, dark or light, sex fiend or virgin, pirate, spy, vampire, overly ambitious male genitalia, etc etc We ve all got certain types of heroes and certain types of storylines that just push our buttons the right way.This was one of those books for me Even as I picked it up I knew I was going to love it just the same way I know [...]

    21. My 5 Facts Review Cuz I m lazy busy reading WHITE LIES BY LINDA HOWARD 4 stars ________________________________ LINDA HOWARD CURE FOR READING SLUMP The writing is brilliant, it grips you right at the beginning and doesn t let you go until the last page Loved the story The characters were passionate and loveable The bond between them palpable It s no secret that Linda Howard is one of my favorite authors She writes the best romance The energy enveloping the characters is sizzling hot I wish there [...]

    22. Whooop, I was like, girl you play with extreme fire I mean, everything could go seriously wrong and Jay could be the one who take the blame, right Trust me, I m holding my breath almost half of this book, waiting for Jay to figure out the truth Haha Good one, Linda Howard Good job I love her writing, almost like I m watching movie Sure the plot is a bit predictable but seriously, who cares The tension is killing me and making me forget my surrounding Though, I was hoping for a wee bit drama at t [...]

    23. I enjoyed this book While I m calling it romantic suspense, that part of the story was totally in the background It was the reason the two were together and why they were hiding out in a cabin in Colorado but the real story was the relationship between the critcally injured amnesiac man and the woman who believes she is his exwife The development of the relationship was very sweet and very well done The conflict between them at the end was a little contrived but the strength of the rest of the s [...]

    24. 3.5 4 stars.The last of the Kell Sabin series At least he s instrumental in creating the situation that the H H found themselves in and made a brief appearance Amnesia is always an interesting theme and this one was done pretty well I enjoyed the tension between the H H right from the start, even when he s still in a coma The focus was definitely on the romance side, not much action at all, even when dealing with the bad guys at the end.Anyhow, it s been a fun trip re listening to this series.

    25. It s been a while since I ve read a Linda Howard book.w I remember why I love this author White Lies tells the story of a woman that finds herself being asked by an FBI agent to identify her horribly injured ex husband at a hospital There is little that is not covered by casts or bandages for her to see Based on the small amount of identifying clues, she assumes this is her ex and is asked to stay with him during this crucial period She finds a stronger connection with him than she ever had duri [...]

    26. Author Linda HowardFirst published 1988Length 182 pagesSetting Contemporary.Sex Towards the end, explicit Forceful.Hero Sooper Sekret Spy with amnesia.Heroine Who cares I think she was an investment banker but not sure, doesn t matter.Admitting defeat at chapter 8 of 12 Skimmed the rest.Slow and dull Annoying premise TSTL heroine and rather stoopid hero.It s really, really painful to read.Feeling bad because I just couldn t do it and didn t want to put it aside to try again later Don t care enou [...]

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