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Red Run By Rob Cornell,

  • Title: Red Run
  • Author: Rob Cornell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Any father s worst nightmare.A knock on the door in the middle of the night.A police detective tells you your daughter s been found beaten to death.Evidence links your son to the killing.What will you do to prove your son s innocence Will you sacrifice your own
    Red Run Any father s worst nightmare A knock on the door in the middle of the night A police detective tells you your daughter s been found beaten to death Evidence links your son to the killing What will you

    One thought on “Red Run”

    1. the 1 stars is for the first chapter The only good thing about this book I found myself skimming through the pages and getting agitated with the story DON T WASTE YOUR MONEY.I had such high hopes for this book i was excited to read itThe first chapter was good, it pulled you in immediately, but It was boring by the second chapter I kept hoping for it to pick up, provide some kind of information, get thick into the plot, or even let you get to know a character half way through the book there was [...]

    2. I gave up 67% of the way through after realizing that not only were the characters awkward and their actions forced, but also that I really didn t care in the slightest.It s marketed as a crime book but really is just lots of back and forth between the ex wife, the brother in law and Ethan It may be realistic for the characters history, but it was way too circular and two dimensional to keep me reading I m not even sure why I read as much as I did.

    3. It wasn t until about three quarters of the way through the book that I realized where it was giving me trouble But on that later.First let me say that I enjoy Cornell s writing style and am a big fan of the Lockman books Secondly, his portrayal of the seedy side of life comes across realistically and uncomfortably with the characters he has created and the environment in which they live Thirdly, as a parent, nothing could be worse than what our protagonist, Ethan, goes through in trying to dea [...]

    4. Good story well written I was interested in this book because of the family dynamic in the blurb, but I really got into the storyline of Ethan trying to rise above his juvenile delinquent past that he d tried to leave behind.Caveat a LOT of swearing My husband read a page or two of the book toward the end, over my shoulder and was disappointed in me for continuing to read A few typos than I like to see, but not terribly distracting.I called the killer early on thought it was the perfect person [...]

    5. I had to force myself to finish this book Hated all of the characters Totally unlikeable I was hoping they would all go to jail

    6. Red Run is a non stop emotional rollercoaster and thriller The book opens with Ethan s daughter Ali having been murdered, and from then on we are given the heartbreaking perspective of what it is like for a father to lose a daughter in such a horrendous way To make matters worse, the police begin to think that Ethan s son Graham is responsible for his sister s death Ethan will do anything to protect his son and find his little girl s real killer, including inviting his terrible past back into hi [...]

    7. A story that exists mainly in the seedy underbelly of society, and deals with struggling to escape your past The main character, Ethan, is awoken one night to find that his troublesome 15 year old daughter Ali has been found dead in a nearby river Not long after, his son Graham is revealed to be the primary suspect, but before the police can lock him up and head toward a trial, Ethan takes off with his son, running from the law With the aid of his current girlfriend Sadie, Ethan runs away from t [...]

    8. A very good read but for me personally I did not like any of the characters The main character of the book Ethan was frustrating and very difficult for me to have any sympathy or empathy for during the first half of the book Graham, Ethan s son, is a typical and frustrating scared 17 year old and eventually I did come around to understanding his motivations along with Ethan and so by mid way through the story I grew to empathize and understand the characters and their motivations Three way quart [...]

    9. This wasn t quite what I expected OK, I knew a daughter had been found murdered but if I d thought my son had anything to do with it I wouldn t be running from the police with him, I d probably be turning him in The father in this story just runs taking his son along In a lot of respects it seemed to stretch my belief a bit.It was quite well written with a few mistakes, though There were spaces in words that needn t be for some reason like in god damned or light weight Then quite was used where [...]

    10. I discovered Rob Cornell s work through Twitter first then, in time, bought a couple of his books I think I started with the wrong one, however Red Run certainly shows he can write there is a real zip to his writing And yet I found it really hard to engage with this book, and it s largely down to not finding characters that were likeable The lead characters inhabit a world of violence and failure, abuse of substances or one another filling their past In all of that, it s difficult to latch on to [...]

    11. Good read Red Run is a grim and dark thriller with real life, or should I say low life, characters The dialogs are credible street language that might offend some readers.Marketed as something for James Patterson fans, I would say the characters nor the story teller show any of Patterson s wit or intelligence But I liked it 3 stars.Makes me curious for Rob Cornell s next book, however I know he has written some vampire novels, which I ll skip But I will keep an eye on his next thriller.I got the [...]

    12. I have enjoyed Rob Cornell s Lockman series, so I decided to explore some of his other works Red Run was a different style than the Lockman books, of a murder mystery set in Detroit where Ethan s the main character daughter Alison is found murdered, evidence points to his son Graham, and what Ethan is willing to do to save his son I liked the overall direction of the story and it did not turn out as I had expected, making it an enjoyable read There were some holes in it and questions unanswered [...]

    13. A very well written book I was not sure who killed Ethan s daughter until the final page of the book The language was descriptive , but it fit the book and the characters The mechanics of good writing were fine For readers who like a mixed genre, this is a perfect book It was not wordy, did not stray off the plot a minor miracle and was entertaining in a macabre way.Thank you, Mr Cornell, for a good read.

    14. I had a difficult time finishing this book, as it is much darker than is my taste It is violent, at times macabre, and projects to me helplessness from every chapter.First sentenceIn some ways, Ethan Trent had waited years for the knock at his door.Cornell, Rob 2013 03 12 Red Run Kindle Locations 8 9 Paradox Publications Kindle Edition.

    15. Captivating Thanks to a free download I picked up this eBook Unexpectedly finding a well paced mystery thriller that kept me guessing up until the end how the smoothly set conflict would resolve I enjoyed thus very much and will likely pay for the pleasure of another intriguing read My review doesn t do the story justice, but I hate to be a spoiler of a good read.

    16. Even though I didn t really like the characters In this book, I couldn t put it down I think this was because the characters were complex and well developed and the book was psychologically and emotionally believable I figured out who the killer was halfway through, which was disappointing I will read another book by this author but not right away I have to shake this one off a little first.

    17. 3.5 stars Rob Cornell is extremely talented, able to get into the minds and dysfunction of his characters and their relationships Red Run is a mystery, but than that, it s a profile of addiction and abusive relationships, the difficulty of breaking free, and the way patterns in relationships can pull you back in.

    18. This book was OK Story of Ethan and the death of his daughter Then, dealing with proving the innocence of his son, who is implicated in her murder Then, he deals with the shady characters of his past Some of the things that happened were not believable.

    19. The reviews made this book appear to be just my type Unfortunately the comparisons were very wrong The first 3 4 of the book draws out a less than interesting family The main action comes in the very last part and can t save the book.

    20. Pretty good for fans of Patterson, but not quite as masterful It was weird to me that no one seemed to mourn the death that was the inciting incident, just jumped into solve it This is fiction, after all I did figure out the killer early on, go me.

    21. Great mystery I really liked how the author keeps you interested, but some parts I felt dragged on forever.

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