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Tanara in coma By Douglas Coupland Iulia Gorzo,

  • Title: Tanara in coma
  • Author: Douglas Coupland Iulia Gorzo
  • ISBN: 9789736893889
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Paperback
  • Unul dintre cele mai traduse romane ale lui Douglas Coupland, dup care BBC a realizat o adaptare radiofonic de succes n 2008.Nimeni nu tie dac alcoolul i calmantele nghi ite n timpul unei petreceri, n iarna lui 1979, sunt sau nu cauza comei n care intr t n ra Karen ns acest eveniment tragic i va pune amprenta asupra urm torilor dou zeci de ani din via a tutUnul dintre cele mai traduse romane ale lui Douglas Coupland, dup care BBC a realizat o adaptare radiofonic de succes n 2008.Nimeni nu tie dac alcoolul i calmantele nghi ite n timpul unei petreceri, n iarna lui 1979, sunt sau nu cauza comei n care intr t n ra Karen ns acest eveniment tragic i va pune amprenta asupra urm torilor dou zeci de ani din via a tuturor prietenilor ei, produse tipice ale suburbiei nord americane Richard, iubitul adolescentei, trebuie s lupte cu fluctua iile bursei i ale pie ei imobiliare i s nving alcoolismul, av nd n acela i timp grij de fiica lui, pe care o Karen incon tient a adus o pe lume n primul an de com Pam, supermodelul dependent de droguri, ajunge make up artist n industria cinematografic , n vreme ce prietenul ei fabric mon tri pentru filmele de groaz pe care Hollywoodul le turneaz n Canada Wendy e medic, dar n a cunoscut niciodat iubirea, ntruc t cel de care era ndr gostit , Jared, a murit de leucemie n ultimul an de liceu To i i tr iesc via a abulic, ca pe un vis anost i interminabil, ntr o lume ca un perpetuum mobile decerebrat C nd, dup aproape optsprezece ani, Karen deschide ochii, un suflu de speran le r scole te rutina, conferindu i brusc un sens neb nuit ns somnul cel lung al tinerei a fost b ntuit de co maruri apocaliptice, ce se dovedesc premonitorii Douglas Coupland a scris acest roman dup o c l torie extenuant n Europa, iar titlul i a fost inspirat de c ntecul Girlfriend in a Coma al forma iei britanice The Smiths.
    Tanara in coma Unul dintre cele mai traduse romane ale lui Douglas Coupland dup care BBC a realizat o adaptare radiofonic de succes n Nimeni nu tie dac alcoolul i calmantele nghi ite n timpul unei petreceri n

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    1. This short novel was based on the usual dystopian world picture everyone is dead and at least until the few good survivors can get their act together and go back to the land they scavenge The differences were that it starts with the pregnant girlfriend of a teenage boy, both part of a very sociable crowd of kids, falling into a coma 17 years later she awakens with a 16 year old daughter and her friends have all grown up but not necessarily as their best selves and everyone else in the world is d [...]

    2. Here we go again what can I say Other than I fear that this book was a complete and utter waste of my precious time.Ok the beginning was reasonable, but the ending oh Lord e ending was not only extremely disapponting it also seemed to drag somewhat I am sure that there are many for whom this book is wonderful yet, for one, I cannot understand those plaudits nor the acclaim with which Douglas Coupland is held The story Was there a story there at all Really Honestly well, if there was, it was crap [...]

    3. The first half of this book was a really interesting and well written novella about loss, grief, and loneliness and the rippling impact of tragedy I was even willing to suspend disbelief to allow the title character to against all odds wake from her coma after seventeen years But then the book just went off the rails The apocolypse was overly preachy, simplistic, and just silly I can hardly express how disappointed I was with the final 100 pages or so Without giving away too much plot, I ll say [...]

    4. bah direi che il romanzo si pu decisamente non leggerlo, tutt al pi se proprio proprio ascoltatevi gli smiths youtu bQPN07nqT3g non metto il video ufficiale perch brutto come solo i video ufficiali degli anni ottanta sapevano essere detto ci , questo libro ha un record ovverosia il miglior rapporto tra bei titoli e quantit di pagine consacrate a una storia mediocre alcuni dei miei capitoli preferiti niente sesso niente soldi niente libero arbitrioin futuro tutto coster caroil passato una pessima [...]

    5. I actually started this book two years ago while in New York City with my ex boyfriend oddly, it still smells like his apartment two years later I read a third of it then when he was at work and it was too cold to venture outside and set it aside as things got busy and life got kind of serious for a while I picked it up on Friday night with 200 pages to go and a Young s Double Chocolate Stout in hand and settled in for some reading I was done an hour and a half later Now, I m the cheapest date a [...]

    6. Is it because Coupland also lived in Japan and Hawai i, makes himself crazy extrapolating what our current patterns of consumption will mean environmentally, or so shrewdly id s, adores and impugns middle class suburban life and its children that make me love his writing Dunno, but I do I found the characters in this book fully realized, in some cases tremendously sensual, and in all cases talking about things that I am curious about Their wistfulness is nearly visceral This book blew me away, a [...]

    7. I REALLY loved this book, and it went to many different places than expected It was a combination of genres, and despite being written in 1997 or so, FELT very immediate I have a lot to say, but I am currently listening to an audiobook on my headphones and find it hard to write whilst listening to a different book at the same time YesI might have a problem when it comes to my voracious reading Jen from Quebec 0

    8. It seems very strange that I ve never read Douglas Copeland before Maybe I did but I forgot Anyway, I got this at the Brokelyn Book Swap last month and I can t pick it up without the Smiths song digging into my head, which is fine now but will probably get really old really fast I unfortunately took like a two week break from this book to read Bone, which is especially shitty because I was less than twenty pages from the end of Girlfriend in a Coma when I decided to do that So n.b books if you a [...]

    9. From what I ve read, this seems to be the least popular of Coupland s novels Although Coupland fans are weird among his devotees, there s the least amount of agreement about what constitutes a good Coupland book that I ve ever seen I can definitely see why, although there were things I enjoyed about it The problem, I think, is that it feels like several books mushed together there s the Jared the ghost plot similar but less effective than dead Cheryl s narration inHey Nostradamus , the late 70s [...]

    10. Karen, the girlfriend of the title, sinks into a coma in 1979 and awakes almost 20 years later As she recovers, the world ends For two thirds of the book, I thoroughly enjoyed Couplands quite unusual narrative which frequently shifts narrator and great characters and of course, the numerous Smiths song titles scattered all over the text The final third of the book really goes nowhere, the author and myself obviously have very different views of the 90 s, and the ending feels to hurried which is [...]

    11. The title is a reference to a Smiths song and bits of lyrics are sprinkled throughout This was probably my favorite aspect of the book because it gave me a little thrill whenever I discovered one The story has a group of friends left at the end of the world to try and figure out what went wrong and how they can survive I found myself sucked in, and I flew through it after the half way point, but overall I was a little disappointed It takes on a preachy tone towards the end that rubbed me the wro [...]

    12. Uggh, the book took forever to read It would ve been better to have read the story in 1997 as originally planned Douglas Coupland has a way with words, very clever The plotting and characterization in this book does not live up to his phrasing It can t be easy to write a book about nihilistic characters because their very nature is dull He succeeded in some parts, and I wouldn t say failed, but something in that family, in other parts Well, that was a messy sentence Apologies I loved the opening [...]

    13. This book started out with an intriguing premise what would happen if a teenage girl fell into a coma, and then her boyfriend found out she was pregnant If she was vegetative but steady, how would she affect the lives of her high school friends It s well written, and everything s going along pretty well until BAM spoiler it turns into an apocalyptic The Stand type book right out of the blue It might have been better had I known what to expect That s a completely different kind of emotional drama [...]

    14. What starts off as a moderately interesting book with a clever story and filled with pop culture references, the book delves into this annoying, dreary and deviating,rant and I stress the word rant about life and it s meaning and the ending is just bad, and just a huge bunch of annoying and forgettable characters who are depressed for no particular reason and seem depressed even when there is meant to be joy An annoying book that does not provoke deeper thoughts and questions about life , just a [...]

    15. First of all, sorry Kenny I really wanted to like this book, as I ve wanted to read it for ages and when I was younger I used to LOVE Douglas Coupland, but it has become obvious now that some lovers should remain in the past An example around the same age as I was going through my Coupland phase, my favourite band were The Ataris Their lyrics resounded with me I tried listening to them again recently, and for the most part, I cringed.What I didn t like about Girlfriend was that the characters we [...]

    16. This book went somewhere I never expected it to go, and I m not sure how I feel about that.I started reading this book a few years ago, got around halfway through, and for some unknown reason never picked it up again until now I was enjoying it at the time, so it s strange that I stopped reading, but I ve finally got back to it now.The story focuses around a group of friends and their lives growing up in a world that keeps progressing while they feel their lives are stagnant On the 15th of Decem [...]

    17. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Parts 1 and 2 of this book, but the last hundred pages or so felt like I was trapped in a bad post apocalytic movie It just dragged on and on It felt like Coupland didn t really know how to give this book an ending And there were some parts that just depressed me for some reason This being the first novel if his that I read, I would probably wait a month or so before diving into his other books I was planning on reading Generation X right after this, but I don t thin [...]

    18. Coupland at his most heavy handedly didactic and moralistic Irritating in a manner surpassed only by the inanity of All Families Are Psychotic.

    19. Girlfriend in a Coma was my first taste of Canadian author Douglas Coupland s work, and I must admit that I selected it just for its title, being a huge fan of The Smiths It sounded fascinating, and I was quite intrigued by the first chapter, which was narrated by a ghost named Jared The following initial section of the book is told by Richard, a character whom I did not find particularly interesting the story which he relates, however, does have quite a lot of depth to it.Whilst the concept wit [...]

    20. Girlfriend in a Coma, by Douglas Coupland tells the story about a teenager named Richard and his girlfriend, Karen Like the title, the novel talks about Richard s girlfriend falling into a coma I find the overall concept for the novel to be quite intriguing even so, I think how Coupland develops his ideas and concepts are ineffective and confusing After seventeen years, Karen miraculously wakes up from her coma Not only is this a rare case in society, but to add to that, Karen wakes up with a pr [...]

    21. I m still trying to sort out how I feel about this book, and Douglas Coupland in general I loved Life After God when I first read it, 10 or so years ago, and I really, really, really wanted to love Hey, Nostradamus, recently I want to go back to Life After God and see how I feel about it now, but I m scared I m scared because Coupland s books are full of bright eyed, youthful ideas on the world, and I was absolutely that person 10 years ago And it s not that I m not that person any I m still an [...]

    22. Douglas Coupland has the ability to always write about the same thing, yet always end up with something different As a writer, he is able to talk about life by coming at it sideways through larger than life characters in insane situations.Coupland sets much of the story during the end of the world, but it s not about the end of the world so much as it s about the characters His impressive voice allows you to immerse yourself and get to know each of the characters They are all round, three dimens [...]

    23. Girlfriend in a coma, I know, I know It s really serious Liked this much better than Generation X 17 year old Karen goes into a 17 year coma after having sex with her boyfriend Talk about ways to scare you into not having sex Well, she didn t go to sleep immediately afterwards, but she was really insistent on the two of them having sex Before she slips into her coma, Karen tells her boyfriend, Richard, that she saw the future Karen goes into a 17 year coma, and wakes up to find her boyfriend sti [...]

    24. Mi ha lasciato un po perplessa, mi attendevo decisamente molto di pi avendo cercato questo libro per anni sperando in una sua ristampa, finalmente reperito in biblioteca Genere apocalittico, visionario, ma soprattutto un romanzo sull amicizia dove i protagonisti, sebbene diventati adulti e a causa di un trauma che li ha colpiti collettivamente rimangono marmoricamente bloccati in una eterna adolescenza, giocosa, deresponsabilizzata, ma travagliata e contradditoria come tutte le fasi adolescenzia [...]

    25. I suppose I was pretty much destined to not like this book very much The message just doesn t do it for me, pretty much rings false, and induces a serious eyeroll Maybe it would have been different ten years ago when the book came out Maybe it would have been different if I was younger when I read it But such as it is, I found it a pretty insipid book I m never going to like a story that focuses on high school friends years after high school There is just something terribly repulsive for me abou [...]

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