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Material Witness By Jonathan Maberry,

  • Title: Material Witness
  • Author: Jonathan Maberry
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 366
  • Format: ebook
  • This short thriller takes Joe Ledger into the mysterious, troubled town of Pine Deep, Pennsylvania, the setting for Maberry s chilling Pine Deep Trilogy In Pine Deep, nothing is what it seems Takes place several weeks after the events in PATIENT ZERO.
    Material Witness This short thriller takes Joe Ledger into the mysterious troubled town of Pine Deep Pennsylvania the setting for Maberry s chilling Pine Deep Trilogy In Pine Deep nothing is what it seems Takes pl

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    1. 5 Stars Welcome to Pine Deep America s Haunted Holidayland We ll Scare You to Death Malcolm Crow meets Joe Ledger.Wow, I am not sure how I missed this sweet novella from Jonathan Maberry Thanks to Nathan, a fellow Goodreader for recommending it to me This is an awesome short novella that brings together two of my favorite Maberry heroes, Malcolm Crow from the Pine Deep trilogy, and Joe Ledger In this we get a mission for Joe Ledger to Pine Deep nearly two years after the horrible events occurred [...]

    2. Very enjoyable short story that ties together the worlds of Joe Jack Bauer is my idol Ledger and the Pine Deep horror series I m already a big fan of Ledger s adventures, but after this, I want to check out the Pine Deep horror series as well Bravo, Mr Mayberry, you ve hooked me

    3. I ve loved everything I ve read by Mayberry and these are some of my favorite characters, Ledger, Mike Sweeney, and Crow, but this teaser was a pretty disappointing meeting of two great worlds.

    4. Mixing the Pine Deep series and the Joe Ledger series is a stroke of brilliance Please bring Joe and his team back to Pine Deep for a full length novel, maybe around Halloween I want

    5. This is the Second short story follow up to Patient Zero This story isn t directly related to Patient Zero other than it involves the DMS s Echo Team I gave it 4 out of 5 stars as I felt the ending was a bit out of character from what I expected in this series That being said, it s still a great story with an epic battle sequence.

    6. This was a short story in audiobook form only about 75 minutes total It follows a fairly straightforward mission for Joe Ledger from Patient Zero as he and his team go to find an author AWOL from protective custody This is a short story, so there really isn t much I can say without completely spoiling it However, I will comment that I gave it 3 stars because the story comes across as far too coy I understand the theory of less is , and not providing details on the primary plot point makers perfe [...]

    7. Gloomy and dark Mystery thriller approach A bit and you d have a film noir on your hands I liked the shift very much.This short episode has the story telling approach for the sake of story itself Not really to set you up for a blazing fast action segment or a prophecy of impending doom.No, this is just it A great additional story about members of Echo team who survived events from Patient Zero.Few interesting days of one particularly tense week Something Joe Ledger might tell you about over a c [...]

    8. Material Witness by Jonathan Maberry is a short story in the Joe Ledger series.A mysterious phone call to the DMS sends Joe and two of his team mates to protect a writer who is in hiding deep in the woods of Pine Deep This author has figured out a sure fire perfect attack against the US It was developed for one of his books However, many terrorist groups want to get their hands on that plan Hence, the writer is in hiding Joe and his team arrive at the house to find it empty Within minutes they a [...]

    9. Read as a part of anthology Joe Ledger The Missing FilesThis short thriller takes Joe Ledger into the mysterious, troubled town of Pine Deep, Pennsylvania, the setting for Maberry s chilling Pine Deep Trilogy In Pine Deep, nothing is what it seems.A visit to a small town results in a supernatural battle to rescue an author and friend of the DMS.

    10. Another short, but enjoyable story to fill in the gaps in the Joe Ledger series I really think Maberry writes these short pieces because his fans are like junkies clamoring for their next fix Even if he wrote Ledger stories all day, every day, he couldn t keep up with the demand So, thank you, Mr Maberry, for Material Witness It adds a bit of depth to the legend of Ledger and keeps us happyr a while.

    11. I m not quite sure about this one unexplainable events with Joe Ledger s team on site to investigate The ending confused me, but that s not entirely unexpected, because the story was written as though it were an incident report, and it began with a cover sheet stating that this couldn t be true, but that all parties involved had passed polygraph tests and truly believed this to be what happened I m curious if will come of the perfect terrorist plot in later books.

    12. I really enjoy the Joe Ledger series This was a fun easy read to keep those of us addicted to the series happy until King of Plagues was released Even though I m just now getting to it, I really enjoyed the plot of this one, the ending is quite a mysterious conundrum I m hoping that the ending of this short story is the lead off to book 3 What a fabulous book that would be 5 stars to Maberry for another action packed story of Joe and his team.

    13. What I like about Joe Ledger is that so often he manages to step into a sh t storm and rolls with the punches And with this little short story Joe finds a big storm What should have been easy turns isn t as Joe and his crew land in a huge fire fight where help comes from a source they aren t sure of When you are done reading this you will be just as confused as Joe is.

    14. I liked it I didn t think it was as creepy as they implied it would be at the beginning of the book Love Joe I like that he s not perfect and has many faults I was actually interested in reading about the sheriff and his deputy I thought for sure that he would turn out to be view spoiler a werewolf hide spoiler of some sort Oh well.

    15. Didn t quite get this one, probably because I haven t read the Pine Deep series Maybe I ll read it again after I get to those books I read this one because it s part of the Joe Ledger world, but I admit I was a bit lost I do still this that Jonathan s short stories are just a little too short though They leave me wanting a bit too much when I m done.

    16. Read as part of Special Ops Didn t tie in with Patient Zero other than recurring characters Haven t read Dragon yet Haven t read Pine Deep trilogy Not sure if Joe makes an appearance in the trilogy or not.

    17. I m a fan And just who isn t of a Maberry, fast paced, action thriller Advertised as a bonus story This short is exactly that One that delivers As expected By design, the story and author leave you needing What could be better

    18. Great Ledger Short story Anybody who is a Joe Ledger fan needs to read this story, then go out and buy the Pine Deep trilogy like I did I m going to jump into the trilogy as soon as I can

    19. Having read the precursor to this book made the subject matter very easy to accept It was good to once again see the action centered around the scariest town in history Great reading for a short story.

    20. Cool and creepy short story set in a bizarre Pennsylvania town with a cliff hanger ending This is the precursor of the Joe Ledger series by Mayhem so I started here because Patient Zero is on my reading list.

    21. I really like the Pine Deep stories, and I really like Joe Ledger However, I thought this crossover story was a bit forced, like the author trying to squeeze another buck out of his franchises Enjoyable, forgettable Glad I got it from the library The audiobook reading is very well done.

    22. Great quick read if fan of ledger Lots of action and to the point What short book be One plot line and very quick and enjoyable read

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