Police Reference App

PACE Index and Codes, Offence Guidelines App

Police Reference App

The Police Reference App provides the Police and Criminal Evidence CODES and PACE Index as a mobile resource for use on smartphones and tablets. Designed for both Apple iPad and iPhone or Android phone and Tablet, Police Officers have quick access to the current Codes for Law enforcement in the United Kingdom.

The Police Reference App contains the following indexes:

  • PACE Codes A 2011, B 2011, C 2012, D 2011, E 2010, F 2010, G 2012, H 2012 issued by the Home Office under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 (PACE)
  • Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1985 Act of Parliament Legislation
  • Search Warrants for r6.30 s8, r6.31 s2, r6.32 s15 & 16  and Justices’ Guidance Booklet
  • Magistrates’ Court Sentencing Guidelines and Definitive Guidelines issued by the Sentencing Council
  • CPS Legal Guidance (optional download Apple only)

Any PACE Codes can be searched and marked as favourite for reference;

PACE Index Screenshot

Marking a star against a PACE Entry adds that index into your list of Favourites for later reference. The example right shows a PACE Index upon iPhone, the item below a set of Favourites upon iPad.

photo 5

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